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Chronological arrangement: Before 1881 1881-1885
1886-1890 1891-1895  1896-1900  1901-1905
1906-1910 1911-1915  1916-1935  Linens  Modern page.
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Chicago_1879SashBlindsStairs-300_small.jpg furniture postal cards available from LotsOfCovers.com"Chicago ___________ 1879 / Dear Sir: / Yours of the ______ is received" illustrated postal card receipt mailed there 1879 to Georgia by Goss & Phillips Manufacturing Company -- makers of blinds, doors, frames, railings, mouldings, flooring & siding (among other things listed in their heraldic crest). $30.00 fi(c)a

Illinois_Bloomington_IRKrum-120.JPG (256929 bytes)
"I. R. KRUM, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in / Lumber, Grain, Coal, Salt, Doors, Sash and Blinds / Bloomington, Ill." 1874 advertising on government postal card, toning along right front edge. $18.00 ialg

NYC_429_small.jpg advertising postal card available from Judnick.com

"N. MILLERD & CO. / GROCERS, / 172 Duane St. NEW YORK. / June 7th, 1878 // Coffees, Syrups, Spices, Canned Goods, Soaps, &c," advertising prices for various sugars, molasses & teas; postal card mailed to Chapinville Connecticut (later to become Taconic Station), long internal crease, small upper conrner crease, trivial toning. The address is in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan, serving as commercial office space today. $12.50 n(m)n(n)gfa

Illinois_Bloomington_1875_small.jpg (3686 bytes)

"PRICE LIST- / DOORS, SASH AND BLINDS" from I. R. Krum in Bloomington Illinois, 1875. $20.00 iag-!

Brushes-300_small.jpg""The London Brush Factory / 75 DUNDAS STREET WEST. / A FULL ASSORTMENT OF THE FOLLOWING LINES ALWAYS IN STOCK, VIZ: / ..." with an exceptionally detailed listing of brush types for salesman Thomas Bryan of London Ontario (his blue handstamp added vertically at the front right), to a grocer in Brockville Ontario; advertising postal card mailed 1880, spots of toning as shown. $42.50 aog

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Intended to be mailed. See also Trade cards
which were not intended to be mailed.

Georgia_Macon_CarhartAnd-200.jpg (712488 bytes)"CARHART & CURD, / DEALERS IN / Hard-ware, Tin-ware, Wooden-ware, Table and Pocket Cutlery, / NAILS, HOES, IRON, STEEL, &c…" pioneer ad on government postal card from early 1880's, mailed, light but fairly large water stain at upper right corner. $10.00 g(m)ag

"CARRIAGE / MALLEABLE / CASTINGS... / GUELPH CARRIAGE GOODS COMPANY / GUELPH, CANADA" 1882 advertising card mailed to Hagersville Ontario, tiny ink smear on front. $20.00 oa

"Chicago,_______1883 / Dear Sir…" receipt on government postal card with art crest advertising blinds, doors, flooring, balusters, siding, etc; filled in & used as intended, corner crease, light partial cancel on front. $30.00

"L. A. SALOMON & BRO., 216 Pearl Street, / New York. // REFINED WOOD ALCOHOL / PRICES REDUCED ..." giving prices in barrels or cans; postal card mailed DEC 11 1882 to Clarksburg Gas Company in Clarksburg West Virginia. The brother of Louis A. referred to was Charles Salomon. The company also imported minerals & chemicals, and also distributed denatured alcohol. Any paper memorabilia from this company is rare. The address exists no longer but it was in what is now the Financial District of Manhattan. [We are aware that there is a Pearl Street in Brooklyn but in 1882 Brooklyn was not a part of New York City, so such a location would have specified Brooklyn in its address, not New York.] Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. n(m)g(s)aa

Advertising1884_ValparaisoIndiana_Clothing_small.jpg (3096 bytes)

"Valparaiso, Ind. Oct. 23, 1884 / Dear Sir: / Your order for Corduroy / Suit / is received" on illustrated government postal card mailed there, light toning on front, light toning on back. $85.00 (iacf)

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Intended to be mailed. See also Trade cards
which were not intended to be mailed.

Ontario_Hamilton_1886TinnerTools.jpg (136680 bytes)"--OFFICE OF:-- / S. J. MOORE, /  Manufacturer of / Tinners' & Canners' Tools... / Hamilton, ______188_" filled in Nov 5 1886, including an image of equipment, government postal card mailed there 1886 to Hagersville (clear cancel), brownish paper. $27.50 oa-o

Ohio_Akron_1888_small.jpg (4176 bytes)
"Akron (O.) Iron Co. / SHAFTING" 1888 pioneer advertising card with three drawings in brownish red on government postal card. Mentions steel rim pulleys, hangers, and couplings too. Nice! $50.00 oam

Massachusetts_Boston_103BedfordSt-110.jpg (305827 bytes)"103 BEDFORD ST. / ... / SPECIALTIES / Imported ENGLISH STYLES / Athletic Shoes, Police Shoes, / Bicycle and League Ball Shoes, / English Black and Russet Grain / Riding Boots & Hunting Shoes... / UNITED RUBBER COMPANY" advertising printed in red on government postal card mailed 1890 from Boston (clear machine cancel with 4 in killer bars) to Newport Rhode Island, paper browned evenly with age, good edges. Exceptionally interesting & detailed. $15.00 mabfh

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Intended to be mailed. See also Trade cards
which were not intended to be mailed.

Wisconsin_Milwaukee_AMenecke1894Ad.jpg (293155 bytes)

1894 hammock ad on government postal card, small tear. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 wga%^

NewYork_Cambridge_1893Pioneer-100.JPG (231085 bytes)"CAMBRIDGE VALLEY / SEED GARDENS. / JAN 26 1893 / ... / JEROME B. RICE & Co." illustrated pioneer seed ad on 2c Jefferson government postal card, long scrape from small hole in center, browning paper. Central ad reads 'TRY RICE'S SEEDS / SUITED FOR / ALL SOILS AND / ALL CLIMATES / THEY ARE NORTHERN GROWN'. Cambridge Valley is in New York State. $10.00 naag*

Maryland_Baltimore_1891Paint_small.jpg (5372 bytes)"HIRSCHBERG, HOLLANDER & CO. / Importers, Manufacturers and Jobbers of / PAINTS" 2-color advertising on government postal card mailed 1891. A beauty! Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50

Missouri_Kansas_City_Paint_Ad_1891_small.JPG (1901 bytes)

"Cutler & Neilson Paint & Color Co. / Formerly Campbell & Cutler Paint and Glass Co. / Kansas City, Mo." 1894 advertising & credit notice on mailed government postal card. $18.00 ma

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Ohio_Cleveland_OfficeOfTheBishop-100.JPG (273219 bytes)"Office of THE BISHOP & BABCOCK CO. / Cleveland, O., 189[5]" with a large illustration of one of their instruments printed in orange-red as background to a printed receipt on government postal card mailed to New York, a little cancel ink along right front edge nowhere near the illustration or printing. The company made many air compressors useful in hand pumps for the dispensing of beer, and we believe the pictured device was so used. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 oabmi

Better_256small.jpg ad postal cards available from Judnick.com"TENNIS LIST / 1892 / BOYD, JONES & CO. / 2 and 4 Hanover Street,  BALTIMORE, MD. / Boston Rubber Shoe Co's Ventilating Tennis. ..." advertising price list for 41 different styles of tennis shoes--canvas innersole, canvas stay, black & white check, etc.--on a government postal card mailed 1892 to Society Hill South Carolina, 2 corners with small creases, a few small spots of toning both sides, shallow scrape in list obscures nothing. With all the modern fuss about tennis shoes, few realize that their history dates back to the process of vulcanization of rubber in the mid-1800's. The earliest date mentioned in the Wikipedia article on tennis shoes, for example, is 1907. $20.00 am(b)s(t)

  NYC_450_small.jpg advertising postal card available from LotsOfCards.com  NYC_451_small.jpg ad postal card available from Judnick.com 
"THE GROLIER SOCIETY / New York, ______ / Gentlemen: / / Please send specimen pages and illus- / trations of the HISTORY OF EGYPT." preaddressed form on postal card, 3 tiny corner creases, heavily toned along 2 back edges, lighter toning on front. Founded in 1895, they began by selling deluxe editions such as this on a subscription basis. Their address (4 West Sixteenth Street) is in the Flatiron District of Manhattan, now used for residential purposes. Shown left. $7.50 n(m)n(n)ae. Same postal card, but toning is heavier on the front & lighter on the back, small crease at the bottom corners. Shown right. $5.00n(m)n(n)ae.

Advertising_1894_DetroitMichiganCover.jpg (192192 bytes)"Remember / This / When You / Are / House / Cleaning / Next / Spring / … / L. C. Brossy Dyeing Co. / Dyers and Cleaners" ad for cleaning & dyeing curtains & drapes from Detroit Michigan firm, printed & illustrated with art in yellow green, about the size of a modern continental postcard, slight browning of the paper with age, trace of cancel ink on front, long crease. Dated February 22, 1894. Sold but front still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 amg-am

Missouri_Saint_Louis_Rolled_small.jpg (3867 bytes)
"Rolled Shoulder / Try Them… / COX & GORDON" pricelist on pioneer advertising card from a St. Louis Missouri meat company, unusually detailed & interesting, within-city usage. $20.00 (afm(s)*)

Connecticut_Bridgeport_1891Advertising.jpg (481183 bytes)Ten Eyck & Baker Shoe Company (successors to Fancher & Ten Eyck Shoe Company) of Bridgeport Connecticut 3-color mailed advertising postal card advising Newport Rhode Island recipient when their salesman would call. View of their factory in mint green, dark blue printing with red updates to the firm's name on evenly browned paper--most attractive. The company made 'Ladies', Misses and Children's Fine / shoes and Oxfords, Hand Welts, Turned and McKay Sewed'. Clear & complete OCT 31 1891 (very early) Boston machine cancel on back with 4 in killer bars. $100.00 caf

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Intended to be mailed. See also Trade cards
which were not intended to be mailed.

                                      - TOKYO TO INDIANAPOLIS
         Japan_Advertising_1898-72small.jpg advertising postal cards available from Judnick Postcards  Japan_Advertising_1898Back-72small.jpg ad postal card available from LotsOfStamps.com
Message text:  "We beg to advise you that we are now firing and packing the first crop teas for Edwin J. Gillies & Co., New York.   They will be of the same high quality as in former years and will go forward by first steamer.  Send your orders immediately to Edwin J. Gillies & Co., New York, so as to secure some of the early pickings for your best trade, as they cannot be obtained later in the season." Front upper left corner reads:  "Souvenir Japanese Postal Card".  Front lower left reads: "FAN CHOP / RMA CHOP / BEE HIVE CHOP". (Both in rose-color ink.) Sent April 2, 1898. $80.00 ajgf

Bicycle_Continental Pneumatic-200.jpg ad postcard available from Judnick.com"Continental Pneumatic" with signed G. L. art picturing a bicycle built for 3 (the 2 in the back are holding hands while the guy in front does all the work), tire advertising Postkarte with undivided back mailed 1900 from Abbehausen Germany to M. Büsing in Inte bei Stollhamm (clear arrival mark the same day!), wear along the top edge includes small corner crease & 3 tiny tears that close well. This postcard is slightly taller than regular-size, and apparently some idiot tried to force it into the wrong-size sleeve. $20.00 ba-g*%

Better_367small.jpg ad postal cards available from LotsOfCovers.com"'GRAND PRIX' / EN LA EXPOSICION DE PARIS DE 1900 / La 'SMITH PREMIER'" illustrated US government postal card publicizing their company representatives in Cuba, mailed 1900 to Sr. Don L. Ruiz in Habana (OCT 18 1900 arrival marking is clear). $12.00 tcea-c^

Artist_HM_Reise-Grusse-200_small.jpg advertising postcards available from Judnick.com"Reise-Grüsse // H. C. F. / LEIBNIZ / HANNOVER / HANNOVERSCHE / CAKES-FABRIK // Edler & Krische, Hannover." art signed H N (Heinrich Mittag) on a trip greeting Postkarte sent from the Hotel Weber in Dresden April 17 1899, clear cancel on 10-pfg. stamp to Luzern Switzerland (next day receiving mark), 2 small corner creases not into the art, upper right front corner creased twice in the art. The train meal car is labeled 'Spiese Wagen'. This classic is seldom seen & even less frequently offered. $25.00 a(m)hfa

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Expo1905_PortlandWorld_BookAd.jpg (163233 bytes) advertising postcard scan available from Judnick.comAdvertising message for the New International Encyclopaedia from Dodd Mead & Co., written as if from sender at he Portland World's Fair / Lewis & Clark Exposition, below a black & white view of the Fair, post card mailed there 1905, cancel ink on front, album marks on front, corner crease. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 eoa

"Dear Sirs: Kindly place our name and address...The Excelsior Steel Furnace Co. / 38 W. Monroe St., ..." dated February 1st 1902 (mailed then, received next day in Springfield Ohio) ad for hot air registers, stationary and adjustable elbows, furnace pipe and fittings, etc. on government postal card. $4.00 i(c)a

Bicycle_AllesFahrtDunnlop-200_small.jpg advertising postcard available from Judnick.com"Dunlop, die Perle aller Pneumatic! / Alles fährt Dunlop Pneumatic" advertising Postkarte for bicycle & pedal-cart tires mailed in Wilster Germany 1901, upper corner crease, light toning on front. Check your album--a similar but different design was used in 1900. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 ba

Maine_Bangor_HeaddquartersSilhouette-100.jpg (274332 bytes)"Headquarters for Specialty orders / T. R. Savage Company. / WHOLESALE GROCERS / ... / Importers of MOOSE CHOP TEA / E. P. Patten" printed advertising with striking silhouette of moose on government postal card mailed at Unionville 1903, browning paper shows age, small spots of cancel ink on face. The company was in Bangor Maine. $12.00 maagfs****

NewYork_NiagaraFalls_ItsAllInThe-100.jpg (297535 bytes)"'ITS ALL IN THE SHREDS' / SERIES 103 / THE HOME OF / SHREDDED WHEAT / NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. / ... / The cleanest and purest of all cereal foods, made in the cleanest and finest food factory in the world" also picturing Niagara Falls framed by wheat to its sides; unused advertising postcard with undivided back & evenly browning paper due to age, good edges, attractive. $8.50 nfswa

Missouri_KansasCity_Link_300_small.jpg Missouri postal card available from Judnick.com

"'Link' from Old Missouri /  Will call… / REPRESENTING / Smith-McCord / Dry Goods Company…" with cartoon art of an unmentionable act, on government postal card mailed 1905 (clear flag cancel), toned back, paper browning with age, extraneous writing on back. Both sides shown. $4.00 ma*%

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NewJersey_Pattenburg_No5Advertising_small.jpg (3331 bytes)"No. 5--Near Bellewood Park, Pattenburg, N. J. / One Minute's Walk to White Eagle House for a Country Dinner. / 40 cents. Boarders Wanted the year 'round. Milton Shive, Prop'r." with several small but readable signs--Stews, Ice Cream, Boarding, White / Eagle House, etc.--black & white on undivided back, spots of toning both sides. $9.00 nga

"OUR SALES COVER THE WORLD / NOTE OUR SPECIAL SPRING DATING. DON'T WAIT FOR HIGHER PRICES. BUY NOW. / SEASON 1901. / ... The World Linseed Oil Company / General Offices: 1069 Rose Bldg., Cleveland, O. / Works: Junc. Nickel Plate Ry. / ... / INDEPENDENT OF TRUSTS / ... / White lead is not Trust Lead. That is why we sell it at a less price." advertising postal card mailed at Cleveland April 6 1901 to Mrs. H. B. Fowler in Fowler's West Virginia, small tear from top edge closes well, spotty fingerprint toning on front. Interesting: gives detailed prices, sizes, product list, etc. Illustration is their registered trademark. The address itself is interesting: Fowler's was in Brooke County & had a post office until 1901. So this is one of the last pieces of mail that it handled. The date is interesting politically, too! The flames of such anti-trust sentiments were months later to be fanned into headline-grabbing trust-busting activities by President Teddy Roosevelt during his September 1901 -  March 1909 presidency. $10.00 o(c)a-w

"PALACE OF MACHINERY / Send to REGAL SHOE CO., Inc., 109 Summer Street, Boston, Mass." Saint Louis Exposition of 1904 advertising postcard in color, showing the exterior of the palace over Regal monogram, unused private mailing postcard, back edges noticeably toned, minor corner & edge wear. $7.50 emmpa

Ohio_Dayton_PirschPress-200_small.jpg advertisement blotter abilia available from Judnick Postcards"Pirsch Press / PRINTERS / DAYTON, OHIO" regular-postcard size advertising blotter, one small ink spot on back. A tour-de-force, the quality of these blotters received favorable mention in the trade publications of the time (1901 -1907). Why the fuss? Did you ever try fancy printing & over-printing in multiple colors on porous paper? It would be hard even today. Rare: we found no other examples offered or even shown when we searched the Internet. $15.00 o(d)ag

PORTLAND WORLD'S FAIR. Advertising message for the New International Encyclopedia from Dodd Mead & Co., written as if from sender below a black & white view of the Fair, mailed there 1905 (clear fair cancel). cancel ink on front, album marks on front, corner crease. $10.00

Better_502small.jpg agricultural ads available from Judnick Postcards"Souvenir of the Fair--Case Engine Doing Stunts" unused black & white advertising post card showing people watching a demonstration, two nearby signs reading 'CASE ENGINES / ARE THE ONLY REAL / HILL CLIMBERS'; toned both sides, heavily in the front sky. $5.00 aa

Better_465small.jpg ad postcards available from LotsOfCards.com"Wine of CARDUI / FOR WOMEN // THE CHATTANOOGA MEDICINE COMPANY / LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, TENNESSEE RIVER, MISSIONARY RIDGE--Chattanooga Medicine Company in Foreground" starting with the sign conspicuously on the left; unused undivided back post card, 2 corners creased, unevenly toned both sides, internal creases but faint, as is. A 9-ounce bottle of the product had 19% alcohol which helped to ease the lady's pains. $4.50 t(c)ma

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"10 H. P. Double Cylinder upright / engine and boiler with electric light / plant attached.  A compact and highly / efficient outfit particularly adapted for / operating the Parker Jumping Horse / Carry-Us-All" unused circa-1908 (unevenly divided back) advertising postcard for the C. W. Parker in Leavenworth Kansas, maker of amusement park carousels. Back continued: 'This combined engine and boiler has stood the test for 15 years. It is easy to operate, uses little fuel and has few parts. A monkey wrench can be used on every both. For prices address C. W. Parker, Leavenworth, Kans. World's Largest Manufacturer of Amusement Devices'. Rare: no other offers, no other recorded sales, and no exhibits when we searched the Internet. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. k(l)aa

"147. / COPYRIGHT 1908 ROCHESTER PHOTO PRESS / ROCHESTER N.Y. // THE PERFORMANCE / ALWAYS SATISFACTORY00IF YOU USE / RICHARDS 'ROYAL TROLLEY / HOUSE DOOR HANGER" real photo calendar (February 1910) advertising card picturing the product & additional claims over all the back, oxidation consistent with age, size of a regular postcard. From a mention in a 1905 trade publication we learned it was made by the Richards Manufacturing Company of Aurora Illinois. $8.50 cai(a) NEW / NOVA / NOWY

"45743 / Interior View of the Retail Store, Florida Trunk Mfg. Co." including two clerks and some customers, circa-1908 (unevenly divided back) advertising for fancy leather & alligator goods over most of the message side, postcard printed in the United States, pencil writing on back, corner crease, internal crease, much corner & edge wear, lacks freshness. Still exceptionally interesting. $7.50 fai

NEW YORK / NEW YORK CITY. "All Roads Lead to CAFÉ MARTIN / Broadway 26th St. 5th Ave. / · NEW YORK ·" unused postcard with undivided back on thick stock, mailed SEP 29 1910 at Hartford Connecticut to Mr. H. E. Sanford in New Haven Connecticut, small upper corner crease, pencil writing on front in the hand of the sender, back paper browning evenly with age, small scrape on back affects nothing. Part of a series of ads in which various forms of transport--zeppelin, e.g.--are featured. SOLD RECENTLY a(p)n(n)a

Ohio_Thornville_AmericanFence_small.JPG (5568 bytes)

"American Fence" good color, Thornville Ohio ad for Tenney & Roberts on back, mailed 1910, soft corners, minor edge wear. $15.00 oa

Ostrich_AViewShowing-200_small.jpg ad postcards available from Judnick.com"A view showing part of Long Beach Ostrich Farm" with front view in color showing many ostriches in a group, back prices plumes from 3.50 to 12.00 (depending on length); unused circa 1910 advertising post card, tiny upper corner crease, minor edge wear. $15.00 oc(l)a

B. E. MORELAND. All 4 of the above signed B. E. Moreland art copyrighted 1907, all slightly smaller than regular postcard size. "The 'Cracker Jack Bears No. 1" bears ascend into an airship from the Lincoln zoo, unused postcard, unevenly toned back, one upper corner worn away. $15.00 aa(m). "The 'Cracker Jack Bears No. 2" throwing product to children near home, unused postcard, light fingerprint toning on back, long faint upper corner crease hard to detect from the front, an internal crease towards the center, a little wear & 3 short internal creases from the top edge, a bottom corner creased twice. SOLD RECENTLY aa(m). "The 'Cracker Jack Bears No. 3" bear impulsively goes over Niagara Falls, distracted by his snack; long upper corner crease, a few tiny spots of light toning on back. $20.00 aa(m). "The 'Cracker Jack Bears No. 9" bears visit with a black peanut farmer, mailed 1908 in New York to North Bangor NY (both cancels faint), a little toning at the stamp corner. $25.00 aa(m)

AdPostcard_BerrysBoot-200_small.jpg advertising postcards available from Judnick.com
"BERRY'S / Boot Polishes // 'An easy Winner" with signed P. Lehmann art depicting a hobo running away from a policeman on a bicycle with wheels made with shoe polish containers. Ad postcard mailed 1909 in London England to Master Joe Gilson in Chelsea by his Auntie May, toning both sides, corner rounding, 2 small corner creases.
Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 bgaa

"BEST PEDIGREED Percheron, French Coach, and / Belgian brook mares or fillies delivered at your R. R. Station. If interested: / think about it and write to AUGUST ROGY, Box 185, Central Post Office, / Paris, France // 745  ND Phot." unused divided-back postcard, exceptionally fresh for its 100-year-plus age. This business is mentioned as early as 1874 in the New York Times. We found references to it in 1887 & 1892, so it was quite successful. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. hf(p)ga

"Better be a 'Healthy, Young Man' at sixty, / Than a 'Failing, Old Man' at Forty" advertising postcard in 2 panels, one to be returned by the recipient, promoting the LaVerne G. Ogden Course for health, and including a testimonial by B. D. Catlin, stamped but uncancelled, light toning on the outer panels. Author of health pamphlets: 'Revised Course of Instruction in Deep Breathing' (1914), 'Zone Food Science' (1920), & 'Eat & Get Well Through Harmonious Food Balance' (1926). Seldom seen or offered. Sold but front sides shown still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. faao(c)

"BUY WRIGHT'S AEROPLANE SHOES" unused advertising postcard meant to be used by a salesman of Aug. Wright Company in Petersburg Virginia, alerting the recipient of an impending visit, toned back & what looks like a chemical spot near the left front edge, minor wear at one bottom corner. A shameless exploitation of the Wright Brothers name, who had attorneys & probably put a quick stop to it. Rare. SALE IN PROGRESS a(p)av(p)

Mining_CoalMineVentilation-200_small.JPG 1907 advertising card available from Judnick.com"COAL MINE VENTILATION / WITH / THE CANTON AUTOMATIC TRAP DOOR / ADAPTED TO ALL CONDITIONS AND ALL HAULAGE SYSTEMS // CHEAPER FOR YOU  BETTER AIR FOR YOUR MEN // SURE TO OPEN  SURE TO CLOSE  NO TRAPPER BOYS REQUIRED" showing their style M door open in monochromatic blue, advertising card in monochromatic dark blue from the American Mine Door Company, on the back is a black & white image showing the dedication of the McKinley Monument on Sept. 30, 1907, 2 small corner creases, advertising side toned, mild corner rounding & light toning. Size is that of a regular postcard. Sold but ad side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 mo(c)a

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"COPYRIGHT 1909, BY h. W. BUCKBEE  Buckbee's Easter Lilies.  H. W. BUCKBEE, ROCKFORD, ILL. ..." showing many lilies growing in one of his greenhouses, monochromatic green advertising with a form on back acknowledging an order & indicating the date of shipment, bottom corners creased, short tear closes so well it can only be detected from the back. Hard to find! $10.00 efgi

AdCard_DoYouUseR-200_small.jpg ad card available from Judnick.com

"DO YOU USE. / R. B. BREAD / ?" circa 1908 advertising postcard with art on front showing a boy & a girl playing with a toy sailboat, the size of a trade card but intended to be mailed. Rare. Shown. $10.00 fca. Different image showing 2 girls sledding, heavy bottom corner crease. Also rare. $9.00 fca. Different image showing a child holding a small dog, album toning both sides. $9.00 fca.
Special: all 3 for $26.00. fca

Ohio_Columbus_FGMirick-200_small.jpg ad postcard available from Judnick.com"Everything in SHEET METAL / TINNERS' & ROOFERS' SUPPLIES / Eaves Trough Conductor Ridge Roll / METAL ceilings cornices windows skylights lath / F. O. SCHOEDINGER / COL'S. O." also picturing W. W. Neds, F. G. Mirick, George Z. Hayes & Oscar Baker, undivided back advertising postcard mailed there 1907, heavy toning on back, upper corner chipped off, 3 corners creased, noticeable edge wear. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 o(c)agggg

NewJersey_AtlanticCity_HeinzOcean-200_small.jpg ad postcards available from Judnick.com"Heinz Ocean Pier. / ATLANTIC CITY. / EXTENDING 1000 FEET INTO THE OCEAN. // HEINZ / PERMANENT -57- EXHIBIT. / VARIETIES" within an intricately decorated border, undivided back post card, mailed there 1907 to Miss Lydia Leathem in New Philadelphia Pennsylvania, small upper corner crease not into the image, other minor corner wear, light fingerprint toning on back. $8.00 nfa

"Her Number is / McKeesport 977 Bell and 101 P. & A. / CALL HER UP / when you want Good Lumber at the very / Lowest Prices. / National Lumber Company / 1617 Fifth Ave., McKeesport, Pa." real photo advertising post card with oxidation consistent with that age, mailed MAR 26 1910 at McKeesport to John P. Hale in Glassport Pennsylvania. Back message touts their 'lumber, doors, sash & interior finish', stamp corner has 2 creases, toning near the edges of both sides. There were other firms with this name, but even a mention of the McKeesport National Lumber Company is rare; we found but one mention in a 1915 publication, and no advertising like this whatsoever. Sold but both sides still available for scholarly study & research as enlarged 300-dpi scans (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75 either or $7.25 both. p(m)la

"HUMPHREYS' / WITCH HAZEL OIL / (COMPOUND)" reads the advertising banner borne aloft by a Wright flyer, unsigned art copyrighted 1909 by Humphreys' Homeopathic Medicine Company on an advertising postcard for W. H. Teague of Lewiston Maine, preaddressed to manufacturer in New York City & requesting a free sample, blanks on back not filled in unevenly toned back. Message area lists very detailed claims for the oil's applicability Surely one of the earliest suggestions that aircraft could carry advertising banners, but the placement of the banner would have made more sense trailing behind the fast-moving aircraft, rather than hanging straight below it as if there were no wind. Another variant of this card replaces the aeroplane with a kite having such text. Either way, it's a rare image. $15.00 m(l)g(t)ac NEW / NOVA / NOWY

"I'LL BE DOWN YOUR / WAY ABOUT _____ / _____ // A. C._NO. 1. COPYRIGHT 1907 BY K-WIN, CHICAGO" art depicting a salesman with sample case coming down in a zeppelin, unused advertising postcard from A. Hauck & Son in Jewett Ohio, divided back, excellent condition. Printed message in part: 'A Rare Opportunity / ... we ask you to note that we have added to our store a new line of China and Glass Ware / ... Our Prices are right.' $10.00 o(j)ga

Music_InteriorOfME-200_small.jpg ad postcards available from Judnick.com"Interior of M. E. Church, / Swampscott, Mass. / Showing an Estey Reed Organ, / Style G 61 ..." advertising postcard of the Estey Organ Company in Boston, mailed at the Essex Street Station (circa 1910, no dial in cancel!) to Reverend P. L Van Wicklen in Scituate Massachusetts, upper corners creased (one twice), other edge wear is minor, light toning on back. When this company completed an installation it would ask permission to make a postcard of it and send it to their current list of prospects, probably for a donation. Rare; we could find no example of it offered or exhibited when we searched the internet. $15.00 m(s)i(c)m

Better_049small.jpg ad post cards available from Judnick.com"LANGAN & TAYLOR  STORAGE BUILDING / DELMAR & EUCLID AVES. / A16" circa 1907 - 1908 (unevenly divided back) postcard with advertising message printed as follows on back: 'Dear Madam / Our new Building is NOW READY to receive your Furniture, Pianos, and other valuable Goods. / Strictly Sanitary and Fire Proof / ... / Langan & Taylor S. M. Co.' (Storage & Moving Company), minor wear to the bottom corners. Rare: when we checked the Internet no one was offering it, exhibiting it, or even bragging about having sold it. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 m(s)gga

"Little BILLY BAKER made such awful good bread - / Done up in a paper-0 so one day he said: / 'I must tell everybody  / from the top of a steeple / it's a clean HOLMSUM BREAD 0 / for clean wholesome people! // "t's as / light as air! // ..." advertising postcard mailed DEC 13 1909 from St. Louis Missouri, all corners with small creases, long internal crease from the bottom center edge, spotty toning on back. Hard to find! As is. $5.50 fpa

Agriculture_MakingHay-200_small.jpg ad post card available from Judnick.com"MAKING HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES" art with an agricultural scene, pre-printed advertising for Electro-Silicon Silver Polish on circa 1908 divided back postcard, from a firm located at 32 Cliff Street in the Financial District of Manhattan, unmailed, mild corner rounding, a few spots of light toning. $4.00 n(m)aa

"Manufactured by / C. W. PARKER / World's Largest Manufacturer of Amusement Devices / Leavenworth, Kansas" with gorgeous art advertising  the wooden horses they made for carousels & merry-go-rounds; unused circa-1908 (unevenly divided back) postcard, trivial edge wear, just a hint of toning on back. Rare: we found no other offers, recorded sales, or exhibits when we searched the Internet. $75.00 k(l)aa

May 1910. "THE JOHN BAIZLEY IRON WORKS / TUBE WELDING SHOPS / ... / PHILADELPHIA, PA." holed calendar post card mailed MAY 5 1910 at Philadelphia to C. W. Robinson in South hermitage Pennsylvania. Extensive list of products & services in the back message area: blacksmiths, iron & steel plate work, ... fire escapes, complete line of second-hand ice and refrigerating machines... Interesting & rare: no other offers or displays found when we searched the Internet. SALE IN PROGRESS cp(p)g(b)a

Illinois_Chicago_NewCounty-200_small.JPG advertising postcard available from LotsOfCards.com"New County Building, Chicago  // This Building / contains 11000 Tons Structural / Steel, Produced, Rolled / and Fabricated by / CAMBRIA STEEL CO / 1906-1907" including pedestrians & streetcars nearby, color undivided back post card from V. O. Hammon Publishing Company (No. 510), mailed 1907 to Mr. E. D. Stout (President of the Missouri Southern Railroad), corners creased faintly, long internal crease is also faint, evident wear at the front corners. Industrial advertising at a high corporate level that is not often seen. $6.50 i(c)ira

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"This is the City / Merchant Keen, / Who looked around / for a new machine, / And bought the Bike / all people Like, / Equipped with the Hub / that we built / The New Departure Coaster Brake." ad postcard mailed 1910 to Brooklyn New York, very light toning on back, mild corner wear and rounding. Card 3 in a series of 8 that were mailed weekly. $20.00 ba&

"This is the Girl / who types, --she's a pearl, / Who takes the tip / from the Merchant keen, / And gets the Dainty / Maid's Machine, / Which is the Bike / all people like, / Equipped with the / Hub that we built. / The New Departure / Coaster Brake." advertising post card mailed 1910 to New Midway Maryland, small upper corner crease, one bottom corner with multiple creases. Card 4 in a series of 8 that were mailed weekly. Smaller than card 3: apparently 2 adjacent blank edges trimmed off neatly. $10.00 ba

"This is the Clerk -- / a gay young spark, / Who loves the Girl / who treasures a curl, / And follows the lead / at the Merchant keen, / Buys the latest / smart machine, / Which is the Bike / all people like, / Equipped with / the Hub / that we built. / The New / Departure / Coaster / Brake, small bottom corner crease, minor wear on the top edge. Card 5 in a series of 8 that were mailed weekly. Smaller than card 3: apparently 2 adjacent blank edges trimmed off neatly. $10.00 ba

Bicycle_ThisIsTheDame-200.JPG advertising postcards available from Judnick.com"This is the Dame / with the Merchant's name, / Who smiles at Binks / who shuffles and shrinks, / Bows to the Clerk / without remark, / Looks at the Girl / and pats the curl, / As she asks with a / frown / of the Merchant keen, /This talk of Hubs, what does it mean?'..." ad post card machine-addressed & mailed 1910 to New Midway Maryland, trivial corner & edge wear. Card 7 in a series of 8 that were mailed weekly. Smaller than card 3: apparently 2 adjacent blank edges trimmed off neatly. $10.00 ba

"A wedding too / (departure new) / And here's the Dame -- / of course she came, / Here's young Binks / with grins and winks, / The Groom -- the Clerk, / a radiant spark, / The Bride -- the Girl, / a blushing pearl, / And here's the City / Merchant Keen / Who'd made the match / through is Machine . Which is the Bike / all people like / Equipped with the Hub / that we build. / The New Departure / Coaster Brake." advertising post card, 2 faint but long corner creases, minor edge wear, mailed 1910 to New Midway Maryland. Card 8 in a series of 8 that were mailed weekly. Smaller than card 3: apparently 2 adjacent blank edges trimmed off neatly. $10.00 ba

=> Special: All 5 of the above for $54.75 ba <=

"Our Big Catalogue / of 1216 Guaranteed / Articles will save / you $ $ $ $ $ / Motorcycle Equipment Co. / Hammondsport, N. Y. // HAVE A DRINK / WITH ME! // Pacific Coast Branch / Los Angeles -Calif." circa-1907 postcard with unevenly divided back, mailed, long bottom corner crease hard to see from the front. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. n(h)ma

Zeppelin_img039_small.jpg advertising postcard available from Judnick.com"POOLE PIANO CO., BOSTON, MASS. // HEIGHT OF PERFECTION / POOLE / PIANOS // Boston, Mass. Harvard Medical School. Courtyard." showing a zeppelin with advertising in the sky, post card published by Hugh C. Leighton Co., made in Germany circa 1910, pencil writing on back, light toning of the back, a few tiny spots of toning show in the front sky. The airship is obviously added in at the printer, making this the earliest suggestion that zeppelins could be used for advertising that we have ever seen! $12.50 zm(b)mgca

"POWER OF MONEY / LARD SALE / 3 lb. Cans .... 41c / ... / UNION MARKET COMPANY / J. F. RYAN, Manager" unused advertising postcard with detailed prices for lard & various types of meat in the back message area, trivial wear at one corner. Our unevenly divided back places it squarely as 1907 - 1908, as confirmed by mentions in the Newark Ohio Advocate 1906 - 1911. Seldom seen. $6.00 o(n)fgam

"Red Star Line / Antwerpen-New York. / Boston-Philadelphia." monochromatic dark lavender postcard with signed art, undivided back, mailed 1907, stamp damaged, toned back edges, partial cancel on front. $5.00 sa

Ohio_Hamilton_SeeUsForYour.jpg (155912 bytes)"SEE US FOR YOUR NEXT SUIT / THEO. BIEKER & SON / 4 MAIN STREET  HAMILTON, OHIO" black & white post card with drawing of girl sewing up embarrassing tears in a boy's pants, undivided back mailed 1907, slight yellowing of the paper on back, corner & edge wear. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 oas

Ohio_Bellevue_BO4-4-06Dear-200_small.JPG advertising post card available from Judnick.com

"SENIOR / Copyright 1905 by E. L. Blimline & Co. N. Y. / Makers of College Brand Clothes" art card showing gentleman with hand in pocket & smoking, handwritten message on front advertising College Brand suits & ties (sent just in time for Easter), postcard mailed there 1906, ironed out wrinkling, toned both sides, still attractive & memorable. Used exactly as intended. $3.00

"SOME INTERESTING FIGURES / ON THE OTHER SIDE // National / Photographic Company / Chicago / 3094" advertising agricultural Alabama real estate available from the Alabama Land & Lumber Company on Dearborn Street in Chicago, mailed MAR 7 1908 to C. J. Stackwell in Grand Ledge Michigan (where it was received the next day). One of 5 example offers: 40 acres near Citronelle, all level land for cultivation was $400. Rare: Nothing like it for sale or exhibited when we searched the Internet. $10.00 ra(a)i(c)a NEW / NOVA / NOWY

Silhouette_SouvenirSPost-200_small.jpg women postcards available from Judnick.com"Souvenir Silhouette Post Card / FROM / BURKITT'S DRUG STORE / S. E. COR. FIFTH AND MAIN STS. / DAYTON, OHIO / Try a 10c. special from our FOUNTAIN / WE ARE AGENTS FOR HUYLER'S CANDIES" with a beautiful silhouette of a woman wearing a flowery hat, some letters obsured by it so we filled in what is shown here in italics. Divided back postcard, unused, toning both sides, small crease in one of the hat projections. Apparently the pharmacist hired a quality artist to cut these quickly for prominent customers, and then pasted the work onto their advertising postcards. Rare: we could find nothing like it on the Internet -- displayed or offered. The quality of the art is so realistic that you would swear you could extrapolate some of her facial features. $25.00 spwgoa

Advertising_SpecialShovels-200_small.jpg ad post card available from Judnick.com"'Special Shovels' // ATLANTA, GA., Starting two hundred and forty men on a new sewer. No other shovel used on this work but our long / handle Round Pint, which cost the city more per doz. but which they consider the cheapest shovel to be obtained. / CONNEAUT SHOVEL CO., CONNEAUT, OHIO." black & white postcard with red caption, small bottom corner bend, minor edge wear. Rare. When we searched the Internet, no one else offered it, or bragged about selling it, or even exhibited it. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 g(a)po(c)a

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Millinery_SpringMDisplay-200_small.jpg ad post cards available from Judnick.com"Spring Millinery Display / Beginning March 25, 1909 / Frances Caldwell / 110 E. FIFTH ST. - DAYTON, O." advertising postcard mailed at Dayton Ohio March 22 1909 to Mrs. Nathan Feinberg of that city, light album marks at 3 corners, light surface abrasion at the other corner (hard to notice at first). There is an artist's signature at the back of her neck but it is hard to read even under magnification. Rare: when we found no others offered, displayed, or even mentioned when we searched the Internet. $15.00 mgoa

"The American with his flying-car / Has to the Heavens brought / One thing thats(sic) new to those above / A bag of 'HAPPY THOUGHT'" art depicting a fanciful airship made mostly of a package of that brand's ribbon-cut chewing tobacco being delivered to 2 appreciative saints in Heaven, advertising postcard with undivided back mailed AUG 1908, toned both sides, corners creased & rounded. As is. $3.00 ta

"The best geared locomotive and cars.  Get catalogue and prices from the Climax / Manufacturing Company, Corry, Penna., U. S. A." showing one of its locomotives pulling a load of large logs, advertising postcard from the PCK Series, printed in Germany, mailed 1908. Back continues: 'When in need of Geared Locomotives and Logging Cars, get Catalogue and prices from us. We can make prompt shipment of any size.' Trivial corner wear. The company operated from 1888 - 1928, but it is surprising how little of their advertising postcards survive; this one is rare. Sold but its front is still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged & enhanced (publication-quality) 300-dpi scan in .jpg format. $3.75 p(c)la*

MIXone_206_small.jpg advertising post card available from Judnick.com"The Steam Yacht 'MACHIGONNE' For Sale / Designed by Charles L. Seabury. Steel hull. ... / ... / ... Can be seen at Morris Heights, New York City. / Address CYRUS H. K. CURTIS, 425 Arch Street, Philadelphia" advertising postcard with a side view & detailed description in the caption below, undivided back, stating that the only reason for sale was that the owner was building a bigger ship. Mailed APR 23 1907 to Mr. John Hirsch in Erie Pennsylvania. The owner of the Curtis Publishing Company owned this ship from 1904 - 1907. Its home port was Camden Maine during the summer months. Front toned, one bottom corner is creased twice, an upper corner crease is very faint & a long horizontal crease is hard to see from the front. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 s(p)m(c)g(h)g(c)g(s)an(m)

"THE SUNDAY HERALD--BOSTON, FEBRUARY 25 / Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Hastings Riding in a Tri-Car / In Havana and Equipped for a Journey Into the Suburbs" circa-1907 advertising postcard for Indian motorcycles reproducing the article with its illustration for a contemporaneous & enterprising salesman, Undivided back, minor corner & edge wear, 2 short internal creases from the right front center. Theodore K. Hastings was the Vice President of the Federation of American Motorcyclists. He was out of Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York City and made publicity trips abroad to Cuba & England, competing successfully at times. His activity continued at least into 1908 where we found numerous different mentions of him in Vol. LVII of the Bicycling World & Motorcycle Review. Pertinent personal message handwritten on front complements the advertising intent: 'Dear Veda. Have just returned from an 800 mile trip on my Indian. The Hendee Co Spring-field, Mass make them but your local dealer will show you. They are fast, cheap and economical, and it dont(sic) take an expert to run it and keep it going. Want one. Harry'. Rare: no one else can show you this. The reason you do not see any more of these is probably because the newspaper objected to the use of all its presumably copyrighted article, text and illustration, for an unintended commercial purpose of another business. That was also the probable reason the card was mailed under cover, instead mailing exposed to public view as a postcard. After paying to make them, the salesman still wanted to use them, even when pressured by the Boston Herald! Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. can(b)m(b)nmg(h)

Ohio_Savannah_TheWonderful-100.JPG (289407 bytes)"THE WONDERFUL / EBERHART SECRETARY / Inlaid with 135,341 Pieces, of 550 Kinds / of Woods,... / Built by U. H. Eberhart / Inlaid Gun Cabinets, Tabourets, Checker / Boards, etc., made to your order / at reasonable cost..." unused sepia-tone advertising card, circa 1910, mild rounding at the corners, 3 corners have faint creases (one is long but all mercifully miss the folk art). Rare & unusual. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg (289,407 bytes) or .tif format. $1.50 ofga

Three unused real photo undivided-back advertising cards for Bryan-Marsh double-filament incandescent light bulbs. Left: "Look at the shape of the Bryan-Marsh Double-Filament / Two simple hairpin loops; That's the secret of the wonderful / Candle-power maintenance-- / Most Light for One Cent' / BRYAN-MARSH CO. / CHICAGO.  NEW YORK." Center: "Copyright 1907 / ... / There is perfection in every Box of Bryan-Marsh-Lamps. / ..." Right: "Beautiful Lamps--- / Beautiful in appearance; beautiful quality of light; / Bryan-Marsh Gem High Efficiency Units / Fitted with special Holophone reflectors. / ..."  All 3 with good edges & very lightly toned backs. Rare: no other offers, no recorded sales & no exhibitions when we searched the Internet. All 3 for $72.50 total. ai(c)n(n)e

MIXone_198_small.jpg advertising postcard available from LotsOfCards.com"Travel in the Springtime, Travel in the Fall - / ... // Write for our beautiful Catalog. We send it free. It de- / scribes our perfectly appointed Pony Carts, Traps, Governess / Cars for Children ... / The Walborn & Riker Co., Dept. 3 Saint Paris, Ohio" circa 1906 - 1907 hand-colored advertising post card published by Adolph Selige, unused, fain internal crease, light toning, trivial corner rounding. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00o(s)auc

Uncaptioned circa-1910-1918 sepia-tone Azo (triangles up) real photo postcard showing 6 Lake Shore Rail Road trainmen standing before a baggage cart loaded with Uhl Brothers numbered crates ready to ship, exemplary focus & contrast. The Uhl Brothers, important makers of sturdy metal furniture, were located exclusively in Toledo. They moved in 1910 to co-locate with this depot on Dorr Street, so they had no need to ship from any other depot. And they then had no need for wagons to take their products for offloading at railroad sidings; all they needed was a baggage cart, and even small (less-than-wagon-load) orders could go out quickly. Yes, their name had changed to Toledo Metal Furniture Company in 1904. But if you had crates so obviously sturdy & custom-made, and everyone knew who you were, would you have thrown them out? Notice these small crates are not suitable for steel tables, soda fountain chairs, typewriter chairs, or cabinets--some of their larger mainline specialties. Those small crates could have lasted them quite some time. Our surmise is that the picture was taken for an advantageous business reason in 1910: to show visually to any prospective customer that they could now get even small orders to the depot quickly. That is what the image is saying: the railroad represented by these men & the Uhl Brothers business represented by these crates are now just a baggage cart away from each other! The biography of Philip E. Uhl is located at www.onlinebiographies.info if you want to learn more about the business he founded. $37.50 o(t)r(l)a

Ohio_Pleasantville_FriendAd-200_small.jpg advertising postcard available from Judnick.com"We can shoe the children / with long wearing, perfect / fitting and stylish Shoes.../ A. W. FRIEND / Pleasantville O." advertising message on the back of a Statue of Liberty postcard, mailed at Pleasantville in 1908 (bold cancel). Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 oagfc

MIXone_111_small.jpg ad post card available from Judnick.com"WE DESIGN AND BUILD SKIDDING AND LOADING MACHINERY TO MEET THE NEEDS / OF THE DIFFERENT WOODS OPERATIONS.  WRITE FOR CATALOGUE / RUSSEL WHEEL AND FOUNDRY CO., DETROIT,  MICH." with an embossed logging scene in sepia-tones, advertising postcard mailed 1907 to the Cornell-Yale Company at Holdrege Nebraska, a few tiny speckles of cancel ink in the front sky, trivial wear at one bottom corner. $18.00 lm(d)gani

"WILL DROP IN on or about [the 26th inst] / ... / NATIONAL CASKET CO." salesman's post card mailed MAY 12 10 from Mansfield Ohio to Mr. R. V. Davy in Mineral City Ohio, light toning shows in the front borders, lightly toned back. An unusual type of advertising that is hard to find. The company headquarters was in Oneida New York. $12.00 cbn(o)

Ontario_Toronto_YongeStreet-200_small ad postcard available from Judnick.com"Yonge Street, looking North, Toronto, Canada" with an insurance company at the right edge & the #43 Yonge Street horse-drawn cab at the center foreground with numerous bicyclists & pedestrians; postcard mailed circa 1910 with printed advertisement of a Thousand Islands tour being arranged by the Dahl-Millikan Grocery Company of Washington Court House Ohio! Minor corner & edge wear, cancel indistinct. $10.00 o(t)o(w)fa

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All 1909 (when noted) or 1910 copyright, unused, lightly toned front, lightly toned back, mild corner & edge wear. In color on grayish-yellow paper. Would make a nice display together.

"CHILI--American Harvesting Machines in in general use throughout Chili and the Argentine Republic, the great wheat producing / countries of South America" showing bullock carts, men & a buggy in the field. $5.00 aac. Same, writing on back dates to 1911, small bottom corner crease, writing on front caption. Shown. $4.75 caa

"ENGLAND--American Harvesting Machines play an important part in harvesting the crops of England" showing a machine drawn by 2 large horses, unused, faint internal crease. $5.50 a. Similar but no internal crease. $5.00 aa.

"FINLAND--A MOWER WITH REAPING ATTACHMENT IS GENERALLY USED IN PLACE OF THE SELF= BINDER, BECAUSE THE GRAIN FIELDS ARE SMALL, AND THE WOMEN FOLK ASSIST IN THE WORK. 11." unused postcard, light transfer of caption ink on back attributable to the printing process.  1909 copyright. $5.50 faa

Finland_FTheWomenFolkAssist-100.jpg (304967 bytes)
"FINLAND--The women folk assist in the work of harvesting in many European countries." postcard showing men & women gathering hay manually. $5.50 aa. Same but writing on back, worn corners. $3.75 faw

"MEXICO--Modern American Binders near the Pyramids of Cholula. Mount Popocatepetl in the distance." showing 2 binders being drawn by oxen. $5.00 aa. Same, 1909 copyright, mailed 1910 at Delaware Ohio, noticeably toned both sides, small bottom corner crease. Shown. $2.00 aa

"RUSSIA--Camels are used as draft animals to operate American Harvesting Machines on the Steppes of the Caucasus." showing a machine drawn by 2 camels, unusual subject matter. $5.00 aa.

"UNITED STATES--In the Land of Sunshine and Plenty, Harvesting, Like All Other Things, / is Done on a Large Scale, and Machines Cutty a Wide Swath are Necessary.  10" unused postcard with 1909 copyright, tiny spot of toning in caption area, very lightly toned back. $5.00 aa

Ohio_Suffield_WallPaper_small.jpg (3832 bytes)

"An attractive Wall Paper Pattern / from the 1910 / S. A. Maxwell & Co. Exclusive Line". Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 oai(h)

"FRIDAY NOVEMBER 4th 1910 // Dayton, Ohio, the home / town of Orville and / Wilbur Wright, who solv- / ed the secret of aerial navigation, was founded / 115 years ago today." unused postcard from the Historical Advertising Compnay of New York, light toning near the front edges. The advertising merchant was supposed to supply a handstamp in the front area under this idea. But most if not all decided not to buy a card that would only be good one day--which explains why this card is rarely seen stamped or unstamped. $12.50 a(p)o(d)ha NEW / NOVA / NOWY

Artist_Outcault_IKnowYou-100.jpg (358098 bytes)"I know you will be pleased / BUSTER BROWN COFFEE IS GOOD" advertising postcard with signed Outcault art showing man reading news so good the dog is also pleased, writing on back, brownish paper, corner wear & rounding, 2 small corner creases. $8.00 a(o)dfa*

"NOTABLE EVENTS // Indianapolis, June 14th, 1910: Brookins takes passenger up to about 800 feet / [ditto] June 17th, 1910: Brookins ascends to 4939 feet above sea-level. / Atlantic City, July 9th, 1910: Brookins ascends 6175 feet above sea-level // All the above worlds records were made with Wright biplanes equipped with Mea magnetos as sole ignition device. / Compliments of Marburg Brothers, 1777 Broadway New York" advertising postcard mailed AUG 5 1910 at Station G of New York City to Mr. W. E. Hannum in Lynn Massachusetts, corners with small creases & rounding, cancel doubled up, a few small spots of dark toning near the top back edge. The Indy events were held at the Speedway there, with Orville & Wilbur Wright making an appearance for the National Aviation Meet. Mea magnetos were mostly used on automobiles, such as the Mercedes, at that time by their German manufacturer. The Midtown Manhattan address given no longer exists; we are told a skyscraper is planned for it and the nearby locations. SALE IN PROGRESS a(p)i(i)n(a)a

Missouri_Kansas_City_Smith1_small.jpg (3743 bytes)"REPRESENTING / Smith-McCord-Townsend / Dry Goods Company / Wholesale Dry Goods, Notions and Furnishings..." a quality card mailed 1907 by salesman S. C. Willock, undivided back. Why the turkey? It was almost Thanksgiving! $5.50 mtga+

Scotland_StationHotel_small.JPG (3849 bytes)"Station Hotel / St. Enoch Station Hotel, Glasgow / ...Burns Mausoleum / Station Hotel, Dumfires / For Tariff please address Manager" with the logo of the Glasgow and South Western Railway at the upper left, Tuck multiview mailed 1906 to New York. $10.00 (sa)*

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"Swift's Premium Butterine / Copyright 1910 Swift & Company" set of 6 unused advertising postcards each with an eight-line poem & art of a different airship, emphasizing worldwide acceptance of their butter substitute. Top to bottom & left to right: Miss Johnnybull of London town; Miss Deutscher Girl of Deutschland & Zeppelin; Miss Milano from Italy & dirigible; Miss U. S. American & biplanes; Miss Parley Vous of Gay Paree & Bleriot aeroplane; and the all-inclusive "No more on Mother Earth we run...". Backs have pre-printed messages in handwriting from different women. Small upper corner crease, scraped short back edge & lightly toning near left front edge on the British. Toning near 3 back edges on the Italian. Toning along one short edge of the US & a small spot of toning in its address area. Toning along the bottom back edge of the all-inclusive. SALE IN PROGRESS apa(p)f

Bicycle_Coey-200_small.jpg ad postcard available from Judnick.com"The COEY BICYCLE ATTACHMENT / Invented and patented by C. A. Coey. / Fits any bicycle. Weighs only eight pounds. / Can be folded when not in use. Can be attached in / three minutes. Greatest seller of the age. Agents / wanted. Order today. First order secures agency. / PRICE $12.00 / C. A. COEY & CO. / D-1424 Michigan Avenue / CHICAGO ILLINOIS" postcard with an enlarged black & white illustration of the attachment on back, mailed 1908 to the Romeo Electric Light Plant at Romeo Michigan. Astonishing illustration: a man, woman & child each on their own bicycle riding a railroad track, stabilized to the rail they are not on by the device. [And, hopefully, not encountering a train coming from the other direction! The postcard never stated the detachment time!] This device ostensibly made a smooth paved road out of a railroad track, or so they thought. By showing a family on an outing, the ad is essentially saying "Safe enough for your entire family." By showing a woman riding a bicycle not in a public place and with her husband, she is not being depicted as the loose woman some of her day might have thought. No other offers or displays of this advertising when we searched the internet; all we could find were black & white ads that appeared in a few magazines & journals of the time. So the inventors did try to make money from the invention, but evidently their efforts did not last long. Surprised? We venture to say that the publicity of a few unfortunate accidents put this bad idea to a well-deserved rest. Hopefully not many horrific family outings resulted. $180.00 bi(c)ar(u)fg(c)

"The Emery Shirt" caption taken from the labels on sample cases dangling from an improbable aircraft, monochromatic blue postcard Mailed MAR 28 1910 at Chicago Illinois to Root Brothers in San Francisco by salesman Leo Keller (his handstamp neatly on back) advising prospective client he would visit April 15th with midsummer & autumn shirt samples. Two internal creases near the stamp, several dash-like white marks near the front left edge suggest the interaction with a different cancel on back of another item. Top edge has a wavy scissors trim, but the reduction is slight. Rare in any condition. $12.00 fg(k)a

"THE EXCELSIOR CATALOG / May not be as beautiful as the picture shown above, / ... The Excelsior Steel Furnace Company / Furnaces, Furnace Pipe, Nested Stove Pipe / Stove Pipe elbows / Station U  Chicago Ill." real photo advertising post card mailed at Chicago AUG 26 1910 to Julius W. Stoffel in Mascoutah Illinois, typed message & address, oxidation consistent with age, tiny indent to an internal crease at the bottom edge, light toning on back. Rare: we found no ad cards this early for the company when we searched the Internet. $9.00 i(c)a

Photographer_ALDavis-200_small.jpg ad postcard available from Judnick.com"There are six towns on this beautiful lake and six active 'U. S. N. Deck Paint' / accounts of many years standing. To each and all we beg to refer: / LEWANDO & TILTON, Wolfboro, N. H.  G. W. TARLSON, Weirs, N. H. / J. H. DOWNING CO., Alton Bay, N. H.  WEEKS & SMITH, Meredith, N. H. / J. P. PITMAN & CO., Laconia, N. H.  I. G. LUNT, Center Harbor, N. H." printed in red in the sky on a postcard captioned "Lake Winnepesaukee / and Mt. Washington from Belknap Point" made in Germany from an A. L Davis photo. The product was sometimes referred to as USN Deck Paint, without the periods. Quite unusual to see specifically named referrals on advertising of any era & definitely hard to find. $13.50 an(l)

Fashion_ParagonSuspender-200_small.jpg ad post card available from Judnick.com"WRITE US IF YOU NEED ANYTHING IN OUR LINE FOR / IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT. / ROBINSON NECKWEAR COMPANY, / ATLANTA, GEORGIA" color advertising postcard showing the exterior corner of that company (colocated with the Paragon Suspender Co.--the only time we have seen it), typed message on back quoted for our caption here, mailed 1907 to Oklahoma, 2 small corner creases, toning & small ink spots mostly in the front border areas. Rare. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 fg(a)a

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"57.  High Flyers" Peter's Weatherbird Shoes (for children) advertising on a postcard mailed 1911 to Mrs. Ed Cook in Cleveland Ohio, 2 corners with small creases, 3/4" tear from center left front closes well, internal crease up from the bottom edge, signed H. B. Martin art. The brand out of Saint Louis lasted from 1907 to 1932. This character appeared in many different designs, so by 1911 it was so recognizable it was hardly  necessary to mention its name! $3.75 a(m)f

1911 Civic Celebration postcard with color view of Minnehaha Falls. advertising postcard franked by 1-c Franklin with Minneapolis MINN precancel (letters imperfectly formed), typed message in blue advertises "THE GREATEST PRESERVATIVE PAINT / EVER PRODUCED / ... / MAIRE PAINT CO.", corner crease, bottom back edge toned, corner wear & rounding. $10.00 m-a

"A3020  Wm. H. Keller & Son, Temple of Music, Easton, Pa.  Phonograph and Victor Rooms, First Floor, Rear Building" with interior signage 'EDISON PHONOGRAPHS AND RECORDS' & 'HEADQUARTERS EDISON & VICTOR Machines & Records', and a movie screen set up for a small audience. Postcard mailed there JUN 18 1914. Sold but front still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 p(e)mga

Ohio_Dayton _TheBeckel-200_small.jpg Ohio calendars available from Judnick.com

"A Breezy Outlook / 1541--COPY'T '10 THE OSBORNE CO. N. Y. / Compliments of / THE BECKEL HOTEL / DAYTON, OHIO / ... / REJUVENATED AND MODERNIZED / ..." advertising 1911 calendar postcard with calendar detached (imperceptibly) leaving a regular-size card; excellent condition. Rare. $10.00 coa

Maine_Gardiner_FuneralHome_small.jpg (4269 bytes)"AMESBURY-WHITE COMPANY / INC. 1913 / 39 WASHINGTON ST., GARDINER, ME." with ad for the non-sectarian funeral home on the back, unused Azo real photo (squares in corners), slight oxidation, minor corner wear & rounding. $15.00 ^

"A farm tractor attachment to fit all / standard makes and sizes / of automobiles // Auto Tractor pulling gang plow, four bases" with the back printed message 'you ever see AN Auto Tractor? / (SEE OVER)', postcard addressed but not mailed to 531 Vinton St. City & annotated on message side "Fair, Sept. 1914" (which places it as an Indiana State Fair item held at Indianapolis). This ludicrous idea was short-lived: it is doubtful that the poor-quality printing of this advertisement or its content (view obscured, no manufacturer detail, no claims ...) helped gather any prospective customers or investors. Later, the Three-P Auto Tractor Company did incorporate in Davenport Iowa in 1917, and was a founding member of the National Tractor Attachment Association. Rare.

Fire_BuiltByJames-200_small.jpg ad post card available from LotsOfCards.com"BUILT BY / James Boyd & Bro. / INC. / PHILADELPHIA // COMBINATION CHEMICAL ENGINE & HOSE MOTOR CAR" with a close-up side view in sepia-tones; unused ROTOX real photo advertising postcard with excellent focus & contrast, light toning over most of the back, a little light toning in the front borders. This firm, successors to James Boyd & Sons of Boston, built fire apparatus exclusively at 25th & Wharton Streets. Their advertising slogan was: "Others may build more, but we build the best." In April 1915 such a vehicle by this manufacturer was sold to Williamsport Pennsylvania for $4985. $120.00 fp(p)g(b)a

Fire_BuiltInCincinnati-200_small.jpg ad postcard available from Judnick.com"BUILT IN CINCINNATI  ' Continental' // The Ahrens - Fox / Fire Engine Co.'" sepia-tone advertising post card with divided back printed by Feicke-Desch, mailed at Cincinnati in 1911, one bottom corner with faint but multiple creases nowhere near the image, otherwise attractive. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00

Four unused circa-1911 divided back postcards showing interior rooms of The House of Edison Light, located at 807 Main Street, corner of Bacon Street: the electric dining room, the electric bedroom, the electric kitchen & the electric library. The dining room back continues: 'Expert attendants will answer all your inquiries and show you the latest practical things for electric housekeeping. Take your friends there for an afternoon or evening. Open every business day 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.' Established by the Edison Electric Illuminating Company of Boston, after their first such display at Newton Centre (in December 1910) garnered so much attention. Rare: The only interiors we could find when we searched the Internet. $40.00 gets all four. m(w)i(h)ae

"If I could drive an aeroplane / And sail up through the skies, / I'd get the kind of appetite / That Campbell's satisfies // 10¢ a can  // COPYRIGHT 1912 BY JOSEPH CAMPBELL COMPANY 5" advertising postcard mailed JUN 23 1912 to Miss Florence Smith in Valparaiso Indiana. Campbell's printed offer on back is for a set of six cards 'upon receipt of 6 cts in stamps'. Minor corner wear, very light toning both sides. Rare these days: we found no other offer, past or present, and not even an exhibit of this image when we searched the Internet recently. SALE IN PROGRESS a(p)fa

Horse_CorporalNo-200_small.JPG Ohio postal card available from Judncik.comKYLES / KYLE'S STATION / KYLE (BUTLER COUNTY). "CORPORAL No. 62048 / Recorded by the Percheron Society of America / ... /  CORPORAL will make the season of 1911, on the farm known as the Samuel Kyle Farm, on the Big Four Railroad, between Kyle and Monroe Stations / ... / J. W. KYLE, owner, Rural Route No. 1, KYLE OHIO" advertising & showing the horse with very detailed pedigree. Unused 1-cent McKinley government postal card, faint small upper corner crease affects nothing. Exceptionally interesting and rare, the card sheds light on the naming of the community, the Kyle family genealogy, and even the rates & conditions of stud service offered. $30.00 o(k)hga

"GAS AND ELECTRIC FIXTURES DISPLAY ROOM / THE PFARR & HOBART CO.  990 E. MARKET ST., AKRON, OHIO" sepia-tone advertising card mailed OCT 10 1912 at East Akron Station, high-quality printing that we at first mistook for real photo, slightly taller than a regular-size card, a lot of edge wear especially at the top, typed advertising in the message area. Rare: no other offers, no recorded sales & no exhibits when we searched the Internet. $14.00 $12.50 o(a)i(s)af SALE PRICE: SAVE $1.50 (11% OFF)

Detroit_MI_020_small.jpg ad post card available from Judnick.com"Hotel Tuller and beautiful Grand Circus Park, Detroit, Mich.  A cozy home on a winter's / eve. Center of business and fireproof.  $1.50 per day and upwards for room and bath." unused circa 1911 advertising postcard made by the Chilton Company in Philadelphia, a little toning on back, one bottom corner with minor wear. $6.00 m(d)wa

Utah_SaltLakeCity_HotelUSLC500-200_small.jpg"HOTEL UTAH, SALT LAKE CITY / 500 ROOMS  FIRE PROOF / THIS MAGNIFICENT HOTEL OPENED JUNE 8TH, 1911. / THERE IS AN ABUNDANCE OF / LARGE SAMPLE ROOMS / ... / UNDER THE MANAGEMENT OF / GEO. O. RELF." unused advertising postcard with fairly fresh color & minor corner wear, back paper browned evenly with age. Room rates quoted on front. $9.50 uga

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"I am flying over to Miss Lowe / for my Spring Hat will you come join me / during Opening Friday and Saturday / March 15th and 16th / Miss Lowe's Millinery Parlors / 11 So. Mill Street / New Castle, Pa." postcard made by the Beckman Company in Philadelphia, mailed at New Castle MAR 12 1912 (flag cancel well struck), light toning both sides. When searching the Internet we found but 2 mentions of this small business in local papers: 9/24/09 New Castle Herald, p. 5; and 9/16/10 New Castle News, p. 6. Rare: no other postcard offers of any kind advertising of this business were found when we searched the Internet; moreover there were no such exhibitions either. $15.00 p(n)ma

"I is good undt mad mit / you now. You have / too much luf / for other things / beside me" with art depicting 2 Dutch children, the boy hugging a box of Dannemiller's Royal Coffee, circa 1914 ad postcard mailed in Galion Ohio, 2 small corner creases, one long crease, toned both sides. As is. $2.75 dfa

DutchChildren_IKnowYou-200_small.jpg advertising postcard available from Judnick.com"I know you / don't luff me much / but say somding nice / to me vonce und I / vill gif you somding / efrybody likes" with art depicting 2 Dutch children on a teeter-totter, unused circa 1914 advertising post card for Dannemiller's Royal Coffee, lightly toned back, small spot of light toning on front, minor edge wear, short stress mark in the sky. $7.50 dfa

"Mr. GUSTAV HAMEL / filling up the tank of / his Morane Saulnier / Monoplane, 80 H.P. / Gnome Engine with / 'SHELL'" showing the pioneer British aviator who delivered the first official airmail & held records; unused reproduction postcard of circa-1913 [necessarily, he went missing May 1914 in this very aircraft] advertising, trivial wear at one corner, otherwise fairly fresh. $4.00 a(p)ga

"No 155 Triumphs of the Air / Mr. L. I. PAULHAN writes: / I used SHELL on my flight from London to Manchester, and from / start to finish the Gnome Engine ran / splendidly / ... / 'SHELL' Motor Spirits" unused reproduction of a circa-1911 advertising postcard in excellent condition. Louis Paulhan won the Daily Mail aviation prize for that flight in 1910. $4.00 a(p)ga

=> Special: Both of the above postcards for $7.25 a <=

Missouri_KansasCity_NoDelay-200small.jpg advertising postal cards available from Judnick.com"No delay in starting Monday's heavy mail. / With the Edison Dictating Machine you go through / your mail letter by letter and dictate replies with the facts / fresh in your mind. .../ BUSINESS SYSTEM STORE / 403-407Scarritt Arcade / ... Kansas City, Mo." interesting advertising on government postal card mailed 1914, speckles of cancel ink on front. $2.50 m(k)a

"Office of Patrons Paint Works, / THE OLDEST MIXED PAINT HOUSE IN AMERICA / 241-243 Plymouth Street, Brooklyn, N. Y." 1913 advertising postal card with typed message over the penned signature of O. W. Ingersoll, offering sample cards & discounts for prompt orders. A little toning both sides. The address was in the Vinegar Hill neighborhood. We have seen the name of the business with an apostrophe: Patrons' Paint Works. But either way such material is scarce. $5.00 n(b)ga

"Philips' ½ Watt" briefkaart mailed 1916 in Amsterdam to a local recipient, advertising an early incandescent light bulb; light album impressions at the back corners, good edges. Rare: no other offers, recorded sales, or exhibits were found when we searched the Internet. The Nederlandsch Economisch-Historisch Archief has one of the advertising postcards for this bulb (there were several), but they do not show it. A beautiful postcard. $85.00 ead

"Philips' ½ Watt" unused briefkaart with fresh colors advertising an early incandescent light bulb, back paper browning evenly to show true age (circa-1915), trivial corner & edge wear. The Nederlandsch Economisch-Historisch Archief has one of the advertising postcards for this bulb (there were several), but they do not show this one. $60.00 ea

"Philips' ½ Watt" unused briefkaart with fresh colors, advertising an early incandescent light bulb; back paper browning evenly to show true age (circa-1915), minor wear at one upper corner. Rare: no other offers, recorded sales, or exhibits were found when we searched the Internet. The Nederlandsch Economisch-Historisch Archief has one of the advertising postcards for this bulb (there were several), but they do not show it. A beautiful postcard. $85.00 ead

"Romanoff-Caviar / THE EPICURE'S KEENEST DELIGHT / Russian Caviar-Company / By special appointment / to European Courts / NEW YORK / 170 Chambers Street. / Hamburg Astrachan London / Berlin Vienna  Paris / AGENCY FOR / ROMANOFF-CAVIAR / The world's most famous Table delicacy / The Boehmke Company, Cleveland / W. P. Owsianikow: Bojarian lady" signed art on a postcard with the quoted advertising on back, mailed at Astrachan with a 2-kopek stamp to Mr. A. E. Jenkins in Cleveland Ohio, a little cancel ink on front, minor edge wear. Cancel is indistinct for the date, but mentions of the Boehmke Company can be found in the trade literature from 1910 - 1918. Astrachan is seen with a more modern spelling Astrakhan, in the Volga delta of the Caspian sea--prime caviar country. It is landlocked there so it would have been dependent on rail travel to reach the European offices mentioned on back. That fixes the time more precisely as pre-World War I, because rail traffic on the continent was disrupted throughout that war. The Boyars were an upper-crust Russian class that dealt with a tsar or two in their days; this lady's finery is a testament to her wealth. Sold but both sides still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scans (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75 either. rfao(c)

Better_469small.jpg ad postcards available from LotsOfPhotos.com"Series C. 12.  ASBESTOS 'CENTURY' SHINGLES / Applied American Method on the roof and Asbestos / Building Lumber (half-timber) on the sides of the / Residence of Francis Line, Cleveland, Ohio. // Architects / J. MILTON DYER and / F. G. BATES / 825 Cuyahoga Bldg., / Cleveland, O." real photo advertising postcard mailed APR 2 1912 by Keasbey & Mattison Company in Ambler Pennsylvania to John Bachus in Jersey City New Jersey, upper corner bend, oxidation consistent with age. Ad on back continues, in part: "'The Roof that Outlives the Building' / NEVER REQUIRES PAINT". $9.00 p(a)o(c)aa

"Series C. 6.  ASBESTOS 'CENTURY' SHINGLES / Applied French Method on the Garage of Stuyvesant Fish, Garrison-on-the-Hudson, N.Y. // Contractor / JOSEPH DAVIS / Garrison-on-the-Hudson, N. Y." circa-1912 real photo advertising card, printed message on back of Keasbey & Mattison Company, factors in Ambler Pennsylvania, oxidation consistent with estimated age, good edges. $9.00 p(a)n(g)a NEW / NOVA / NOWY

Fire_TheAhrens-200_small.jpg advertising postcard available from Judnick.com"The Ahrens - Fox / Fire Engine Co. / Cincinnati, O // THE / 'Continental'" sepia-tone advertising post card with undivided back, mailed at Cincinnati in 1912, 2 corner creases, light toning. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00

Better_453small.jpg advertising post card available from Judnick.com"THE DELIGHTFUL COUNTRY HOME OF MR. VINCENT GOLDTHWAITE, WELLESLEY, MASS. / Roofed with Asbestos 'Century' Shingles. / From plans and specifications by / WILLARD D. BROWN, Architect, 15 Beacon St. Boston, Mass." advertising postcard mailed OCTOBER 8 1912 by Keasbey & Mattison Company in Ambler, Pennsylvania to the Reed Brothers in White Cottage Ohio, mild corner & edge wear. $5.50 m(w)aaggm(b)p

"'THE HOME OF SHREDDED WHEAT', NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. / SERIES 290  NIAGARA LITHO. CO. BUFFALO  COPYRIGHT 1915 BY THE SHREDDED WHEAT COMPANY" unused advertising postcard, pre-printed message on back 'I have just visited the cleanest, finest, most hygienic food factory in the world, ...', back paper browning unevenly with age. $5.00 n(n)fas

"The Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company, Lansford, Pa. / One of the Breakers producing celebrated 'Old Company's Lehigh' Coal / COALDALE BREAKER" with 'OLD COMPANY'S LEHIGH' trademark at the upper right, color advertising postcard mailed 1915, minor corner wear, back lightly toned. Very hard to find! $20.00 p(l)ma

Bicycle_Eclipse-200_small.jpg ad postcard available from Judnick.com"There was an old woman who lived in a shoe, / She had so many children she didn't know what to do. / She bought each a bike, with the brake called ECLIPSE, / And sends them off safely on long wheeling trips./ When your safety's at stake / The ECLIPSE is the brake." with cartoon style art including many children riding on bicycles, advertising post card mailed 1912 from Elmira New York to William Pasco in South Butler New York. On back there is a drawing of the mechanism over the words 'There are only six main parts in an ECLIPSE / BICYCLE COASTER BRAKE, which makes / it so simple that a child can assemble it; yet it / has the largest and most effective braking sur- / face of any made. Wise dealers are using this / brake exclusively. Write the Eclipse Machine / Company, Elmira, New York.' That text is followed by an image of their large manufacturing plant. After 1909, so this brake had been modified so it could be used on motorcycles as well! Well rounded corners, 2 corners multiply creased, light toning near the back bottom edge. $40.00 bmn(e)a-na

"The tanks on Mr. Grahame White's aeroplane / being filled with 'SHELL' MOTOR SPIRIT." showing the English aviation pioneer who was the first to make a night flight, circa-1913 advertising postcard, tiny bottom corner crease, a few small spots of toning in the back address area, good edges. Slightly taller than a regular-size postcard, we price it as a reproduction: the internal crease on the original, from which it is based, is simply not present here. All that said, it is still surprisingly hard to find! $4.00 a(p)na

"THE WRIGHT FLYER / AVIATION MEET AT KINLOCH PARK, ST. LOUIS //  THE RIGHT ELECTRIC / THE BEAUTIFUL / OHIO ELECTRIC / THE CAR OF DISTINCTION" advertising postcard mailed FEB 23 1912 at Saint Louis by the Smith Automobile & Battery Company there, its advertising continuing through the entire message section of the back, upper corner creased twice, minor corner wear & rounding. For information about the meet mentioned, see the October 7 1910 Saint Louis Post. Anything about this company is rare. In searching the Internet we found but one mention: The Automobile Journal, Vol. 34, page 34. SALE IN PROGRESS a(p)m(s)aa

Three oversize (approximately 3½x6-1/4") 1913-1914 advertising postcards from campaigns for Victor Records. Left: "Mischa Elman makes records only for the Victor. Come to our store and hear the great violinist's beautiful numbers. / 2137 IXA--10-8-13" surface abrasions in the caption area affect nothing. Center: "© E. F. FOLEY / Mme. Tetrazzini makes records only for the Victor. Come to our store and hear the great soprano's beautiful numbers. / 2249-IXA--1-16-14" fairly fresh with trivial edge wear. Right: "© DAVIS & SANFORD / "Paderewski makes records only for the Victor. Come to our store and hear the great pianist's beautiful numbers. / 2146 IXA -- 10-8-13" with surface abrasions & light reddish toning in the caption area obscure nothing. All three repurposed on back with a purple advertising handstamp: 'The New Store and Factory / Barter & Co. / 55 Public Square / Sign of 2 lions / Manufacturers, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Gloves, Mittens and Sporting-Goods. Wholesale and retail dealers in Fishing Tackle and Outing Goods.' in Watertown New York for their 1918 advertising campaign. All 3 are rare & belong together. $90.00 total gets them all. n(w)

Uncaptioned advertising card showing an Indian tri-car motorcycle taking a couple at speed over a county road, waving to two motorcyclists in the distance; mailed DEC 3 1915 (World Panama-Pacific Exposition cancel neatly struck) to Glenford Ohio, minor corner wear & rounding. Uncommon; possibly given out at the Expo itself. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. ma

Tobacco_HCTRPChildren_ClarindaAd_small.jpg (2480 bytes)

Uncaptioned hand-colored / tinted real photo of 2 young children trying a pipe, decorated with paste beads, ad for Clarinda Lawn Mowers' Easy Adjusting Line on the back, printed in Germany, circa 1912, fresh & unused. $10.00

"Up Ft Ancient Hill" in Warren County Ohio; sepia-tone real photo post card mailed SEP 24 1914 to Mr. D. B. Reed in Somerville Ohio by motorcycle salesman Richard Morrison in Middletown Ohio who wrote on back with surprising candor: 'Started over Sunday morning and broke down near Jacksonburg had to walk home. If I can still be of service to you let me know. If you see [name] tell him I have a fork spring for him.' A fork spring suspension allows a motorcycle to travel off-road or race in motocross events (a fairly new sport at that time). One of the main advantages of motorcycle travel to a bicyclist would be the ability to easily climb hills. The Fort Ancient hills are actually a collection of earthenworks or mounds built by the Hopewell peoples circa 1st century BC - 6th century AD. $35.00 o(f)ia

Arkansas_Stamps_Chicken_Farm_1911_small.JPG (1912 bytes) Stamps Arkansas real photo postcard

"W. A. wants you to see some of his fine stock - not half show in the picture" real photo post card mailed 1911 from Stamps Arkansas, caption from writing on back. $8.50 a(s)aaa

Calendar_July1915-200_small.jpg ad postcards available from Judnick.com
"We CALL these tripli- / cate mirror dressing / tables 'Daughter's / Delight,' ... / G. W. EHLER / Furniture, Rugs & Stoves / House of Quality WEST ALEXANDRIA, OHIO" advertising post card mailed there July 12 1915 to Miss Katie Beneker in that town, July 1915 calendar beneath the signed art, fairly fresh, good edges. Beautiful & rare.
Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 cfg(e)oa%

"WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY ON A PIANO / COLLER, ADDISON." with the horse-drawn delivery wagon of E. M. Coller Pianos & Organs, signage on side mentions sewing machines & nearby Tecumseh, next to several crates of upright pianos shipped from New York by Kroeger; sepia-tone Cyko real photo postcard with good focus, message written on back also in red 'Let us make you prices and terms on pianos'. Kroeger & Sons pianos are still noted for their exceptional quality & design, somewhat simpler than the highly carved Victorian styles. The Addison part of the caption is a small village in Lenawee County; the Tecumseh on the wagon may be in case the onlooker had not heard of Addison. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. m(a)mhag

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--1916 TO 1935

"ACROSS THE UNITED STATES BY ZEPPELIN / ... / C. E. NICKLES / 213 SEATON PL., N. E.  WASHINGTON, D. C." postal card advertising souvenir covers for the first mail ever officially authorized to be flown across the US by dirigible, mailed AUG 19 1929 to Frank Kocher in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. Such covers would later be prized & exhibited by philatelists, but we could not find a single example of this advertisement offered or displayed on the Internet. For that matter, when is the last time you saw one of these in a philatelic exhibit? $57.50 $45.00 bda-f SALE PRICE: SAVE $12.50 (21% OFF)

"Air Cooled / Burns Kerosene / Knight Sleeve Valve Engine / Semi-Automatic / 32 Volts--750 Watts // Willys Light / POWER AND LIGHT WITH THE QUIET KNIGHT // CITY COMFORTS FOR COUNTRY HOMES // Electric Auto-Lite corporation / Willys Light Division  TOLEDO, O., U. S. A. // COMMERCIAL COLORTYPE CO. - CHICAGO" unused circa-1920 advertising postcard printed for distribution at a fairground exhibit (per the printing on back), minor corner wear, light toning on back. $10.00 eo(t)a

Music_ArturoToscanini-200_small.jpg musical instrument post card available from Judnick.com"Arturo Toscanini / and his New York Philharmonic Orchestra / use and exclusively endorse Conn Instruments" unused advertising postcard for high-end instruments from the Heney & Lefter Music Company of St. Petersburg Florida, just a little wear to the top edge, tiny bottom corner crease. Toscanini served as Music Director of the NY Philharmonic from 1928 - 1936, which helps to date this item. Rare. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 f(s)ma

"A Sonora Phonograph is the most cherished of all Christmas gifts" with art showing a Sonora delivery truck outside the bay window of a residence all decked out for Christmas. Advertising card (with preprinted message we use as the caption) from Irwin Moser & Son in Hamden NJ ('merchants of pianos and players pianos / Edison, Victor & Sonora), distributed August 24 1921 at the Flemington New Jersey Fair. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 n(h)mgca

College_Bliss_Business-200.jpg university postcard available from Judnick.com    College_Bliss_SeniorShorthand-200_small.jpg college booklet available from Judnick.com
College_Bliss_BCBasket-200_small.jpg college advertising available from LotsOfCards.com
College_Bliss_TouchTyping-200_small.jpg college ad available from Judnick.com    College_Bliss_AClass-200_small.jpg universtiy ad available from LotsOfCards.com

BLISS COLLEGE (Columbus Ohio) 1927 advertising folder in 5 detached color panels, each the size of a regular postcard & with differing advertising messages in blue over all the backs, minor edge wear unless mentioned otherwise:
  1.  "Business Department Assembly Room, Bliss College, Columbus,  Ohio." touting their model office system for training. Shown upper left.
  2. "Senior Shorthand Department, bliss College, Columbus, Ohio." showing many desks facing long blackboards, mentioning its appeal to 'a better class of people' & its accreditation by the State Department of Education. Shown above right.
  3. "Bliss College Basket Ball Team, Central Ohio Champions, 1927" showing 9 players & 2 coaches, back mentions CPA credentials of its accountancy department head, career placement, services, etc. Shown second row.
  4. "Touch Typewriting Department, Bliss College, Columbus, Ohio" mentioning their fraternities & sororities, college orchestra, etc.; more edge wear than items 1 - 3 above.
  5. "A Class Room in the Normal Department, bliss College, Columbus, Ohio" mentioning advanced courses pursuant to the CPA degree, etc.; a bottom corner gone & the back heavily toned.
As testament to the efficacy of these ads, the recipient removed & mailed the reply card that was attached [showing the exterior of their building], as instructed. Seldom seen, seldom offered. Only the second time we have seen such items in 30 years of dealing in Columbus Ohio. $20.00 for all five. c(b)o(c)a

Massachusetts_NorthWeymouth_CainsAd_small.JPG (6677 bytes)"CAIN'S / LOBSTER HOUSE / 162 BRIDGE STREET / ...A Good Place to Eat / a Shore Dinner / ..." North Weymouth Massachusetts advertising postcard with wonderful design, mailed there 1923, a little extraneous writing on back. 2 corners badly creased, edge wear includes 3 / 8" tear, lightly toned front. $5.50 mas*-

Better/Better_451small.jpg music advertising available from Judnick Postcards"Director A. R. McAllister and his Joliet High School Band / use and exclusively endorse Conn Instruments" unused circa-1936 ad postcard for high-end instruments from the Heney & Lefter Music Company of St. Petersburg Florida, trivial wear to the bottom corners. Rare. Why would anyone use a high school band to endorse instruments? His band won state and national championships, played at Radio City Music Hall &  was praised by none other than John Phillip Sousa. He is widely regarded as the founder of the high school band movement & served as president of the National School Band Association for 14 years. That is why. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 f(s)mi(j)ga

"ELIX" unused circa-1920 advertising postcard for incandescent light bulbs manufactured by Elix Belgium, slightly wider than regular-size, excellent condition. As always in advertising, sex sells: so the background coloration for the bulb invites you to compare its shape to the shape of the lovely lady's breast. Rare! $30.00 eb(b)a

"FIREBOX BOILERS / Especially for / Dairies and Creameries / ... / Johnston Brothers, Inc., Ferrysburg, Mich." advertising mailed there 1932 under Sec. 435 1 / 2 P. L. & R., reply card detached, short internal crease from top edge, exceptionally detailed & interesting. $5.00 mgaf

"For aerial warfare, / the most hazardous / work of the war, / ... / ... the ONLY / spirit used by the / British Forces from / the outbreak of the / war until the summer / of 1917 was / 'SHELL AVIATION." unused reproduction of a circa-1918 advertising postcard in excellent condition. $4.00 a(m)wa

Better_452small.jpg advertising post cards available from Judnick Postcards"Here National Freedom was born. / Domestic freedom came with the / ENTERPRISE Meat and Food / Chopper. // Independence Hall from Chestnut Street, / Philadelphia, Pa." unused circa 1917 advertising postcard from J. Niggel's Son in Butler Pennsylvania, further advertising their sausage stuffer & lard press on the illustrated back, 2 corners creased, minor edge wear. $6.00 p(b)p(p)fa

NYC_035_small.jpg genealogy post card avaukabke from Judnick.com

"HOTEL MANGER, NEW YORK CITY / SEVENTH AVENUE, 50TH TO 51ST STREET. / 'THE WONDER HOTEL OF NEW YORK / ..." showing the exterior of the largest hotel in Times Square, designed by architect H. Craig Severance & owned by Julius & William Manger; unused white-border era advertising postcard detailing rates, furnishings, etc. Small ink spot in the sky, trivial corner wear. Necessarily 1926 - 1931, after which it was renamed the Taft. $8.00 n(n)ga

Railroad_IllinoisTraction_ExpressService_200_small.jpg advertising postcard available from Judnick.comILLINOIS TRACTION SYSTEM / I. T. S. "EXPRESS SERVICE AT FREIGHT RATES / NO DIRT  NO DUST / NO SMOKE  NO CINDERS / SHIP BY ELECTRICITY AND SAVE TIME. / 100 CARS OF GRAIN HANDLED FROM THIS ELEVATOR IN THE LAST 90 DAYS" showing the Union Illinois elevator, unused advertising post card, fairly fresh with good edges, just a small spot of light toning on back. $18.00 r(i)i(u)a*

Railroad_IllinoisTraction_FreightTrain-200_small.jpg ad postcard available from LotsOfCards.comILLINOIS TRACTION SYSTEM / I. T. S. "FREIGHT TRAIN ON 'ROAD OF GOOD SERVICE'" postcard published by the McKinley Lines of the I. T. S., unused, 2 corner creases, light toning both sides. The engine number is 1565. The McKinley part of the system ran as many as 165 trains daily, and was named after a relative of President McKinley. $10.00 r(i)i(i)a

"JOS. N. DAVIES / W8ANT / NEW AND USED TRANSMITTING EQUIPMENT / FOR / AMATEUR AND COMMERCIAL RADIO STATIONS. / EIMAC TUBES IN STOCK ..." advertising postal card mailed NOV 1 1935 from Cincinnati, citing a Mount Airy address, marked 'Return Postage Guaranteed / RADIO W8CXW / TRENTON OHIO' on address side, small bottom corner crease, a little cancel ink on front, paper browning with age. $5.00 o(c)o(m)ea

"Lamp 'PHILIPS' / Economie 75% / Lumière blanche et éclatante." promising white & bright light in French, Belgian advertising carte postale for a merchant o Boulevard Léopold III in Brussels (Georges Gui*lain, one letter hard to read) whose handstamp is on the back in red, toning near one short back edge. $12.00 eab

"LEGLESS ONE-ARM DRIVER / On Tour U. S. A. / Total Mileage covered up to July 4th, 1919, 51,117 // Using Harley-Davidson Motorcycle and Side Car" with his trusty dog in the side car; postcard mailed JUL 28 1919 from Northrup Station of Syracuse New York, writer comments: 'The boy has 1 arm and no lets' so he has seen him. Effective advertising that says a lot about the reliability, dependability, ease of control, and endurance of their product--without lecturing the viewer. Back corners discolored & worn a bit from album duty, pencil writing causes additional back toning, lower corner crease.
Sold but both sides still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (publication quality) & enhanced 300-dpi scans in .jpg format. $3.75 either or $7.25 for both. uadm

"LIKE A FLASH / INDIAN MOTOCYCLE / HENDEE MFG. CO. / SPRINGFIELD, MASS." unused circa-1923 advertising post card with unevenly divided back, good edges. A lot of dealers hype this card as being much earlier, but they are wrong. Take a look at the words 'INDIAN MOTOCYCLE' with no R. According to the official company history, the R was dropped from the phrase in 1923! Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (publication quality) & enhanced 300-dpi scan in .jpg format. $3.75 mm(s)a

"Lysekroner // Lamper / Lampetter / Dansk R
ør & Sanitets Kompagni / ved Tyge J. Rothe Pilestræde 82 - København K. / Telf. C. 6185" circa 1920 advertising brevkort for chandeliers, lamps & sconces; unused, 2 faint internal creases from the bottom edge. The owner of this shop was active in politics 1914 - 1922. Rare.
Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 da

Movies_LoewsDayton-200_small.jpg ad paper collectibles available from Judnick.coml"LOEW'S DAYTON / WEEK STARTING MONDAY, MAY 21st / CLARA KIMBALL YOUNG / --in-- / 'ENTER MADAME' / Broadway's Greatest Play in Years / CHIEF OS-KO-MON & CO. / In a Gorgeous Spectacle--'INDIAN REVERIES' / BOB FERNS & CO. / 'A Lease for Life' / ..." advertising postal card mailed May 19 1923 in Dayton to L. W. Adams of the same city, fairly fresh. Clara Kimball also starred in silent films, such as 'Eyes of Youth' & 'Mid-Channel' in the previous years. Rare: we found no others offered, shown, or even mentioned when we search the Internet. $15.00 o(d)mti(u)

"Luftschiff / Graf Zeppelin (L. Z. 127) / über München" circa-1930 Postkarte advertising the services of philatelist and zeppelin-post specialist Otto Edenharter of the same city. Message area on back bears replicas of important cancel & cachets. Advertising text in the address area is in German: 'Graf Zeppelin-Luftschiff Flugpost-Karten / geflogen von und nach Moskau, Tokio, Los Angeles, / New York, Sevilla, Rio de Janeiro usw., kurz gesagt / alle zeppelins verkauft, kauft und tauscht / dauernd der Zeppelinpost-Spezialist / Otto Edenharter, München 19, Frundsbergstr. 44 / Schreiben sie mir bitte ihre Wünsche! Preislisten kostenfrei.' Which translates roughly: '... Zeppelin cards / flown to and from Moscow, Tokyo, ..., Seville, Rio de Janeiro and so forth, among others / all zeppelins bought, sold and traded / contact the zeppelin-post specialist ... / Please write me with your wantlist  Our pricelists free of charge'. Long upper corner crease not too conspicuous, very light spotty toning on the front printed view, the much more interesting back mercifully spared as shown. $40.00 $35.00 pbga-z SALE PRICE: SAVE $5.00 (12½% OFF)

"MACY'S FAMOUS BUREAU OF STANDARDS, N. Y. . . . where trained scientists have made / 4 million tests to make sure the customer buys high quality for low cash prices" unused advertising postcard, copyrighted 1939, heavily toned back, minor corner wear, tiny closed pinhole at top center. Exceptionally interesting interior. $10.00 nasi

Music_060_small.jpg advertising post card available from Judnick.com

"MAY PETERSON / SOPRANO--METROPOLITAN OPERA FAME / The Prima Donna who rode the Old Gray Mare / at St. Paul National Legion Convention / Concert Bookings: Write Haensel & Jones, Aeolian Hall, New York." unused & most unusual advertising postcard, circa 1924-5, several small spots of toning & wear at the borders of both sides. She sang for many seasons with the likes of Caruso & John McCormack. The Hall mentioned is located in Manhattan. $25.00 mh(u)n(m)a

"MAZDA / DRAWN WIRE ELECTRIC LAMPS / BRITISH MADE / RUGBY ENGLAND // YOU CAN DEPEND ON LAMPS MARKED MAZDA // MAZDA MEANS The MASTER LIGHT" 'postcard mailed 16 FEB 1917 at Maidstone, cartoon art & hard to read handwriting on back, tiny tear within the border closes well, minor corner rounding. Hard to find! $20.00 ee(r)a

 "(M)OTEURS ELECTRIQUES / LMB / MAGNETO BELGE S.A. BRUXELLES" advertising carte postale for 4-horsepower electric engines, mailed 24.6.35 from the International Exposition at Brussels to a local recipient, 6 stamps tied with a fancy expo cancel, minor corner wear. Miscut at the printer but used anyway. $5.00 bae-eb

Medicine_NeuronidiaHypnotic-200_small.jpg ad postal card available from Judnick.com"Neuronidia Hypnotic and Sedative / Appeals favorably to many physicians" 2-color ad on government postal card mailed 1927 by Schieffelin & Company of New York City to Dr. Albert H. Hattan in Peru Illinois, a few tiny dots from typewriter on front, otherwise fairly fresh. Despite its longtime use (from at least 1907) as a cure for nervous insomnia, Neuronidia advertising was mostly done by brochures given our at medical meetings or ads in medical journals. So this kind of advertising is actually quite rare & seldom offered. $10.00 mga

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Ad_RailwayExpressAgency-200_small.jpg ad post card available from Judnick.com"RAILWAY / EXPRESS / AGENCY // The Symbol of Dependable Service // ... one of the series of / seven striking oil paintings by Robert E. / Lee, exhibited at the booth of the Rial- / way Express Agency in th Travel and / Transport Building on the A Century of / Progress Exposition grounds" with artist-signed art depicting an old man getting a surprise delivery, unused monochromatic greet postcard with good edges. $6.00 eaa

France_Bordeaux_EtcheOna.jpg (151729 bytes)

"RESTAURANT / ETCHE / ONA / 11, RUE MAUTREC, BORDEAUX" with signed Jacques Le Tanneur art, green back, writing on back, tiny tear with nearby scrape showing on back, small spot of light toning at bottom front edge, small bend at one corner. $8.50 fa

Camping_SpendSundayWith-200_small.jpg ad post cards available from Judnick.com"SPEND SUNDAY WITH THE BOYS / At CAMP KERN 28--Miles from Dayton / Via. Automobile / LEBANON PIKE / To Lebanon O. / VIA. RAIL / Dayton to Xenia  / Xenia to Ft. Ancient // ... // O. O. Morris, Camp Director" an Oregonia Ohio YMCA facility; advertising postcard mailed 1921 to Mr. and Mrs. Dillard Estell in Dayton, small bottom corner crease. Rare: no others found offered, illustrated, or even mentioned when we searched the Internet. $12.50

Ohio_Springfield_TheBigStove-200small.jpg ad postcard available from Judnick.com"THE BIG STOVE STORE / CHAS. F. HAUCK & CO. / THE TINNERS / 59 W. Main Street, Springfield, Ohio // AT YOUR SERVICE" picturing a marvelous folk-art utensil-ware automobile; black & white advertising post card mailed OCT 30 1916 (inverted year in the cancel) to Mr. Frank Zane in Hillsboro Ohio. Rare! $45.00 o(s)ga*

Better_460small.jpg ad postcards available from Judnick.com

"The Home of Liberty is the home of the / ENTERPRISE Meat and Food Choppers, / Sausage Stuffers, etc. // Christ Church, 2nd and Market Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. / Geo. Washington had a pew in this church when living in / Philadelphia" unused circa 1917 advertising postcard from J. Niggel's Son in Butler Pennsylvania, further advertising their  lard press on the illustrated back, tiny bottom corner crease. $6.50 p(b)p(p)fwa

"This card was brought from Germany on the GRAF ZEPPELIN - voyage ending August 4, 1929" advertising card for Veedol Motor Oils (actually used on the airship) distributed by the Tide Water Oil Company. Made in Germany & regular postcard size, but both message part & address part of back are ads in English for Veedol Motor Oil. When we searched the Internet we found: no other offers, a few recorded sales in multiple postcard lots in auctions, & only one recorded sale when offered by itself. So we say it is seldom offered. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. zoa

Pennsylvania_Doylestown_TimeTo-100.JPG (275811 bytes)
"Time to Re-tire? / (Buy Fisk) // © 1910 THE FISK RUBBER COMPANY" yawning boy with candle leans against an automobile tire, classic advertising postcard with an image that was in use even longer that the copyright & the 1916 flag cancel on the back would indicate, corner crease not too conspicuous, minor corner wear, toning near 2 back edges. Sent by R. G. RUTHERFORD / DOYLESTOWN PA. as indicated by the large violet handstamp in the message area. $9.00 paab

      "TUNGSRAM - DRAHTLAMPE / MIT GEZOGENEM DRAHT  UNVERWÜSTLICH!" advertising postcard for incandescent electric lamps with supposedly indestructable tungsten wires, made by the Hungarian manufacturer Tungsram; postcard mailed 1917 at Ruse / Pyce Bulgaria, a few tiny speckles of cancel ink on the front, minor corner wear. The only comparable card we found --different art, same wording -- when searching the Internet fetched 100 Euros in a European auction. $47.50 eah

SocialHistory_WeKnewThemOver-200_small.JPG advertising post card available from LotsOfCards.com"We Knew Them Over There / Now We Know Them Over Here" showing 2 servicemen & 2 Salvation Army workers posing near a large doughnut sign symbolizing their front-line meetings during World War I. Unused postcard from the 1919 Salvation Army fund-raising campaign, capitalizing on the publicity generated by sending female workers to the American Expeditionary Force front lines in France. Minor corner wear, light toning on the back, bottom corners with small creases. One of the most successful advertising ploys in history. $15.00 sfa

"Who I Am / My BRAINS are of iron, / My actions complete; I perform for you always, I know no defeat... / I save you the cash. / I am the HOLLEY MANIFOLD / I'm represented by / COON-McGRAW SALES COMPANY / 716 Bessemer Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa." advertising message on back continues 'Do YOU know that if YOUR / Ford is not equipped with the / Halley Manifold and Primer / YOU are throwing away / seventy-five cents to one dollar / every time YOU fill the / gasoline tank?' unused advertising postcard, light toning along one back edge. The auto accessories company dates to 1918. The manifolds were a successful product that evolved over many years. Rare: when we searched the Internet we found no other offers, no past recorded sales & no exhibitions. $12.00 p(p)aa

"Will Rogers / says 'All I know is just / what I read in the papers. / I see where Goodyear got the / Government contract to / make our home-made Zep- / pelins. They must have some / mighty good rubber to keep / all that air from getting out / and mixing with just this / old ordinary air" postcard on pebbled stock with a pre-printed advertising (Pathfinder to All-Weather Tread automobile tires) for Reed's Tire Shop in Viroqua Wisconsin on back, mailed there AUG 26 1929 to Mr. Chris Nelson in that town, 3 corners with small creases not into the image, the other corner with a bit of wear. Hard to find for any dealer. We found but one other (in Rushford New York) when we searched the Internet! $15.00 w(v)zfa

Washington_Seattle_VisitYeOlde-200_small.JPG"VISIT YE OLDE CURIOSITY SHOP  EST'D 1899. / MOST UNIQUE SHOP IN THE WORLD / ... / GROUND FLOOR AT COLMAN DOCK ENTRANCE, SEATTLE." including 14 labeled curiosities set out front--whale jaw bones, Ecuadorian giant clam shell, tusk of Alaskan mammoth, hat worn by Chief Seattle, etc. Post card with a lot more advertising printed on the back, long corner crease, small corner bend. A great read & a wonderful piece of Americana! $10.00 wa

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Zeppelin_img040_small.jpg advertising post card available from Judnick.com"A CENTURY OF PROGRESS / CHICAGO, 1934 / GOODYEAR LANDING FIELD" including one of the 2 blimps stationed there, unused sepia-tone postcard with Goodyear tire advertising on the back, brownish paper, pencil writing at the 2 lower back corners may erase with care, faint upper corner crease. $12.00 eiza

NYC_024_small.jpg ad postcard available from LotsOfCards.com"AN EATING PLACE OF INTERNATIONAL FAME / THE BRASS RAIL, 7th AVENUE AT 49th STREET, NEW YORK CITY, N. Y.  E-4034" the back detailing the four different dining floors available; linen advertising post card with art, mailed there 1940 to Miss Amelia Frazer in Baltimore Maryland by her daddy, a little cancel ink in the upper front border, blob of ink on the stamp because the cancel missed. $7.50 n(n)ga

"Another AIR EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL Service / Shipping a Beechcraft 'BONANZA' to Europe" advertising the services of forwarding agents who used the Seaboard & Western Airlines DC-4 (NC58008) shown here sometimes out of Laguardia & sometimes out of Newark, depending on the cargo. Mailed 1947 in New York City, the airline company's first year of operation. Loading was always done by hand in the early days, as shown here. Rare & early view for this important cargo airliner which had remarkable staying power over the years while its competitors failed. $25.00 a(p)a

MIXone_195_small.jpg advertising postcard available from LotsOfCards.com
"Belmont Club / 1610 ALTON ROAD / MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA" unused linen multiview advertising post card with details about the nightclub's showtimes & reservation number on the back, fairly fresh & hard to find! $15.00 fmi(r)a

MechanicalEngineering_BrownAndSharpe-100.jpg (383846 bytes)"BROWN & SHARPE / TOOLS / Help good mechanics do better work" wallet-card size booklet with 16 panels (3 shown including cover at right), illustrating & describing some of their calipers, telescoping gauges, protractors, micrometers, etc. Circa 1941. Browning paper due to age & trivial faults. $4.00 ma

"CASE LIVESTOCK SALES CO.... / Richard Murray, / Auctioneer  E. Gordon  Izzy Case" advertising in detail a July 1954 sale (which included the Atchinson herd from Sherman Connecticut), typing font on government postal mailed at Hartford, a little cancel ink on front, tiny spots & a little extraneous writing on back, exceptionally interesting. $2.75 ca(c)a

Better_464small.jpg advertising postcards available from Judnick.com

"CHANGE THAT GR-R-R / TO A PURR-R-R!" unused circa 1937 advertising post card for Sinclair Opaline Gear Lubricants--Summer Grade, also referred to as Sinclair Free-Wheeling Lubricant--Summer Grade on front; green & black printing on back as well advising SUMMER'S COMING, long internal crease from the right front edge, toning both sides. Hard to find! $6.00 oaa

Ohio_Cleveland_DraftingDesigning-100.JPG (247232 bytes)

"Drafting º Designing / Engineering Service / MECHANICAL º Structural / ... / S. W. HULL / ENGINEER º DRAFTSMAN / ..." illustrated advertising of professional services on postcard mailed 1932 from Cleveland Ohio during the Depression, a couple of long but faint creases. An interesting piece of social history. $5.00 ogsma

MIXone_062_small.jpg advertising post card available from Judnick.com"Edward's New Store--King At Morris Streets, Charleston, S. C." linen postcard mailed 1960, cancel ink in the front sky & a light arrival cancel struck on the front, minor wear at one upper corner. A 5 -10 - 100 store with free parking, per detailed ad on back. $2.25 s(c)a(l)

"FORT MYERS' CENTENNIAL / COMBINED WITH the EDISON PAGEANT OF LIGHT / 1850  1950 / ... / Compliments of HEITMAN PROPERTIES" unused advertising postcard with the handstamp of their real estate agent Louis Collins neatly in the back message area. $4.50 f(f)ra

FrenchGuiana_FY8CBack-200_small.jpg advertising QSL postcard available from Judnick.com"FY8C" continental Cayenne French Guiana QSL carte postale, used 1937 by operator C. Narolles, advertising for Philips Radio showing, very light toning. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 fera

Fire_Blotter-200_small.jpg advertising blotter available from LotsOfCards.com"'HOLD THAT / CROWD BACK, / OFFICER.' // DAVENPORT LADDERS / MATERIAL ..... The Best / Design ..... The Latest /
Workmanship ..... The Highest Type/
Developed During Sixty-Two Years / of Ladder Manufacturing / DAVENPORT LADDER CO. / DAVENPORT, IOWA / Write for our latest catalogue and price list" unused blotter with signed K. O. Munson pinup art depicting a shapely firewoman in a negligee that leaves little to the imagination, climbing a ladder with a hose in hand, complete with the #10 size metered envelope in which it was sent. Circa 1944. Superlative & rare. $40.00 fpia

Mutoscope_HardToBeat-200small.jpg ad arcade cards available from Judnick.comMutoscope_HardToBeat_Rifkin-200_small.JPG advertising postal cards available from Judnick.com"HARD TO BEAT" with signed Earl Moran art on a rare Mutoscope arcade card from the Hotcha Girls series, showing a smiling well-endowed redheaded sweater girl, minor wear on one edge, otherwise excellent condition. Shown left. $19.00 mppaa. Same art on an advertising postcard permit-mailed to a bank in Midland Pennsylvania, showing Rifkin Safety Sacs with Arcolocks (made in Wilkes-Barre) on back starting to show its age, corner wear & rounding. Rare. Back shown right. $19.00 mppaa. Take them both for $36.00. mppaa

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NYC_013_small.jpg advertising post card available from Judnick.com

"HOTEL / WOODSTOCK / 127 W. 43rd ST. AT TIMES SQUARE / ... / Most Convenient Location in New York City" unused Colourpicture linen advertising postcard, tiny corner bend that is hard to detect from the front, otherwise excellent condition. $3.00 nsa

Advertising_HowMuchDid_HartfordConnecticut-100.JPG (201448 bytes) advertising postcard scan available from Judnick.com"HOW MUCH / Did Dish Breakage / Set You Back / LAST YEAR? / COLT AUTOSAN DISHWASHERS / COLT'S PATENT FIRE ARMS MFG. CO. / AUTOSAN MACHINE DIVISION  HARTFORD, CONN." sent September 31 1939, a little smaller than most post cards. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 agc

"I WILL CALL / ... / Beecher Lane / Terry-Durin Co. / Cedar Rapids, Iowa / Wholesale only / Electrical, Radio and Telephone Distributors" circa-1953 unused adverting postal card picturing a Century fan, a toaster, and the US Radio logo; excellent condition. The Beecher Lane brand of appliances was established in 1952. $9.00 $7.00 i(c)at SALE PRICE: SAVE $2.00 (22% OFF)

"MR. & MRS. W. W. GAY / Proprietors // HOTEL GAYFAIR / (Formerly the Gaymere) / Cor. 2nd St. & 5trh Ave. No.  St. Petersburg, Fla. // Also Proprietors of / MAYFAIR / 232 - 5th Ave. No." with handwritten advertising message on front 'Please let us show you our beautiful new hotel as soon as you arrive - It does not look like this'; postcard with detailed rates, modernization details, etc. in message area. Mailed OCT 20 1941 from Saint Petersburg to J. C. Marriott in Mount Vernon Ohio. Two small corner creases, traces of cancel ink on front. $7.00 f(s)ga

"N132 / HOUSE OF LUDINGTON  ESCANABA, MICH. / RECOMMENDED BY GOURMET DUNCAN HINES AND A.A.A." unused circa-1945 Ekc real photo advertising post card, good focus & contrast, trivial wear to the top edge. $6.00 m(e)a NEW / NOVA / NOWY

DistrictOfColumbia_NeputneGrill-100.JPG (342103 bytes)"NEPTUNE GRILL / 145 B Street, S. E. / WASHINGTON, D. C. / OPPOSITE CONGRESSIONAL LIBRARY" multiview of their front & aerial view of location (marking notable buildings nearby such as the Folger Library, Supreme Court & House Office Buildings), unused Curteich linen advertising on yellowing paper, pertinent information on back, faint corner crease. $3.00 da*

RI_Pawtucket_Ad_small.jpg (5020 bytes)
"NO HARD SKIN / with a STANDARD HUMIDIFIED / In Your Dough Room…" ad from Standard Engineering Works in Pawtucket Rhode Island to bakers, mailed, corner wear & rounding, extraneous writing on back. $3.00

"Own a / 1936 CHEVROLET / Sedan // ... We'll take your present car in trade." unused advertising post card from the Rock Creek Auto Machine Company, good edges except for wear at the upper corners. Accompanied by a lengthy & pertinent note: '...This is Lady Bug #1 exactly...We had it painted gray with red wheels. - New (Western Auto) straw woven seat covers...The ad says 79 horsepower. I believe the old in line six got a boost in 1936. there were in stiff competition with Ford's 85 horsepower V8..." When we searched the Internet we found only 3 mentions of any type for this dealership, and ours is 2 years earlier than those found. The other 1936 Chevrolet ad postcards we found were decidedly different. Apparently each dealership did their own, so as to appeal to a varied customer base with offers that could not have been made by all (such as our trade-in mention). Rare & exceptionally interesting. $12.00 o(r)aa NEW / NOVA / NOWY

Cola_RoyalCrownPostal-200_small.jpg cola advertising available from Judnick.com"Purchase three bottles of ROYAL CROWN COLA at / the regular price of 5¢ per bottle and with this card / you will receive an additional / THREE BOTTLES" advertising postal card with an offer expiring OCT 31 1941, addressed by hand & mailed, small upper corner crease. The six-bottle carton is also pictured in blue on the back side. Nehi promoted its soft drink like this as early as 1935 & many card designs were used. The reason you see so few of them on the market is that most recipients took that company up on its kind offers -- they were that good -- and the merchants then had to turn the cards back to Nehi to get their 10¢ rebate! $8.00 ca(l)

MIXone_200_small.jpg ad post card available from Judnick.com"REGAS CAFE -- FAMOUS FOR ITS GOOD FOOD -- ESTABLISHED 1919 / HOME OF THE SIZZLING STEAKS" as it looked in 1938. Unused multiview linen postcard with rough edges as issued, near mint & exceptionally interesting. The scenes: signage at the street emphasizing 'SIZZLING STEAKS'; interior with the long lunch counter at the left, and 'VISIT EAST TENNESSEE' advertising graphic. From 1948 on this expanded considerably to become the Regas Restaurant. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 t(k)i(r)g(r)a

Food_SidesOfBeefAre-200_small.jpg"Sides of beef are 'quartered' before expert / graders determine the quality. / Only the choicest been is branded 'Swift's / Premium'." showing a worker applying that grade to some ribs with a roller, monochromatic blue-green postcard, mailed 1949, minor wear at one corner, cancel ink in left front border. $6.00 fa

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Radio_StandingPat-200_small.jpg advertising photographs available from Judnick.com"STANDING: PAT MCGEEHAN -- THE FOUR / KNIGHTS -- THE FAMOUS / COMPOSER DAVE ROSE. SEATED: VERNA FELTON -- 'GRANDMA' -- ROD / O'CONNER -- LURENE TUTTLE, / 'MOTHER,' / FRONT AND CENTER: RED SKELTON / Hi Folks: / We hope you'll remember / our new radio time / - - FRIDAY NIGHT -- / back on your favorite N.B.C. / station: / We dood it / Red Skelton ..." followed by the times of broadcast for all the time zones; advertising postcard for the Raleigh cigarette show, meter mailed from Hollywood California Oct 7'48, stained area on both sides obscures no one. A postcard with the same image was used as the Wikipedia illustration for Red Skelton. Sold but front still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 rfta

Music_TheKingSisters-200_small.JPG advertising post card available from Judnick.com

"The King Sisters / VICTOR'S CAPTIVATING HARMONY QUARTET" postcard advertising the Budd Company record store in Columbus Ohio & RCA on back, mailed 1946, long internal crease hard to see in front background only.
Sold but front still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 mo(c)a

"This is the Kepner Air Ambulance that / translates time into distance with safety, / speed, comfort and efficiency when the oc- / casion demands..." art depicting the loading of a patient; circa-1949 unused linen-era postcard printed by Curteich, advertise the services of its twin-engine Beechcraft aircraft, fairly fresh with good edges. Hard to find, unless you respond to the reprint offers out there. But why not own the real thing from us? SALE IN PROGRESS a(p)m(f)a

NewYork_WhitePlains_TommyChens-200_small.JPG New York postcard available from LotsOfCards.com

"TOMMY CHEN'S / 230 Main St., White Plains, N.Y." including their bar & another seating area; unused multiview linen-era advertising post card which also mentions their locations in New York City, trivial edge wear near one corner, otherwise fresh. $4.75 n(w)i(r)ga

Ohio_Cincinnati_W8AKW-Ad.jpg (142383 bytes)
"W8AKW" 1930's QSL advertising card for 'Kilowatt Xtal' phones, from R. L. 'Ted' Tedford, red & blue on brown paper, unused & most unusual. no postcard back, light fingerprint toning on back. $8.00 oa

NewYork_Brooklyn_WashingtonPaperAd_small.jpg (5334 bytes)
"Washington / BOX AND PAPER COMPANY, INC." advertising cartons made to order on government postal card mailed 1954, a little extraneous writing on back. Firm was in Brooklyn New York. $3.75 na

NewYork_Yonkers_Westchesters-200_small.jpg ad postcard available from LotsOfCards.com"WESTCHESTER'S RUG & CARPET CENTER / ON CENTRAL AVENUE ... YONKERS, NEW YORK" advertising card with specifics about the brands carried in the back printed message, mailed under permit no. 77 at Yonkers to Mrs. Clarence C. Hare in White Plains, tiny upper corner bend not into the image, short ink stroke in the bottom border. $4.50 n(y)fa

"Where You See This Sign, It's Genuine // Chicken / IN THE / Rough //  ...Lots of Shoestring Potatoes / Jug Honey and Hot Buttered Rolls" with rooster carrying golf clubs, promotional offer on back for the first person to eat at 25 places listed on their placemat, Curteich linen with faint corner crease & corner bend, writing in stamp box, minor wear to bottom edge, short paper bend towards the top. $8.50 os(g)a

Illinois_Chicago_WilliamRestaurant-200_small.jpg ad post cards available from Judnick.com

"WILLIAMS RESTAURANT and LOUNGE / 700 S. WABASH AVE. - CHICAGO, ILL. / Phone: HArrison 7-2673" multiview advertising real photo postcard with 2 scenes--tables & the bar; mailed there 1949, minor corner wear, light toning in address area. Back advertising elaborates on location, food & air conditioning. The Gettysburg Cyclorama was later displayed at this South Loop address for 12 years; later it became Fedex Kinko's. $6.50 i(c)i(r)ma

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USFlag.gif (1092 bytes)  abbreviations explained in English
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wpe3.jpg (963 bytes) lühendid eestikeelsete selgituste
ja näidistega
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lyhenteet suomenkielisin selvennöksineen ja esimerkein

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