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Washington_Everett_12188Robinson-200_small.JPG"12188. Robinson Manufacturing Company. Everett, Wash." showing the company's own deep-water shipping pier, as seen from a high vantage point; unused postcard from The Acmegraph Co., back paper starting to brown evenly with age, soft corners. Circa 1908 - 1910, during which time they manufactured finished doors & custom doors using Douglas fir as their prime material. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 wil

Washington_Unspecified_150GiantFir-100.jpg (396834 bytes)

"150. GIANT FIR. ONE OF WASHINGTON'S BIG TREES" including 3 lumberjacks, color postcard from J. L. Robbins Co., mailed 1924 at Spokane, very lightly toned back, minor corner wear. $5.00 wl*

Expo1905_1648Interior-200_small.JPG lumber post card scan available from Judnick.com"1648 / Interior Forestry / Building // The J. K. Gill Co. / Portland, Ore." color postcard with undivided back, 2 small corner creases, noticeable corner & edge wear, short light scrape near the top left front corner, mild yellowing of the paper due to age. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 eoil


Washington_Unspecified_ALogBoom-100.jpg (375606 bytes)"177. A LOG BOOM READY FOR THE MILL, WASHINGTON. A-15857" white-border era post card from Leland Lund, unused, soft corners, toned back. $3.00 wl*. Another, corner & edge wear, black color misregistered a bit high on front. $2.75 wl

1903 Smiley Tow Boat Company (Cincinnati Ohio & Ashland Kentucky) neatly typed invoice to Messrs. Withers & Van Devender (Parkersburg West Virginia) for logs towed from Guyan to Pomeroy Ohio & Twelve Pole West Virginia to Pomeroy & another trip from Point Pleasant. Illustrated billhead shows the steamer Catherine Davis underway. We could not find paper memorabilia of any kind offered for this towing company or for the ship when we searched the Internet. Edges a bit rough, and a little dark toning from contact with acidic papers, folded twice to fit within an envelope. Belongs in a museum. SOLD RECENTLY s(r)o(c)lw

WashingtonState_205Snaking_Logging_small.jpg (3468 bytes)

"205. SNAKING BIG LOGS FROM THE MOUNTAINS. WASHINGTON. 29613" white-border era postcard from Leland Lund, unused, trivial wear at 2 corners, lightly toned back. $3.00 wl*

"25-298 - Lake Chatcolet - Idaho - photo by Lee's Studio" with log rafts in the foreground hung up on shore, Ekc real photo postcard, pertinent message & address on back from a resident to her grandson, unstamped, well composed, good contrast, good edges. Lake Chatcolet is a very small community within Heyburn State Park. $10.00 i(l)l NEW / NOUVEAU / NEU

Washington_Unspecified_4081LoggingExaggeration.jpg (169001 bytes)"4081 WASHINGTON 'TOOTH PICKS', FROM A WASHINGTON FOREST  29989" showing 3 large rough-shaped logs on a rail car, white-border era post card from Wesley Andrews Company, unused, tiny spot on bottom front edge, otherwise quite fresh. $3.75 wl. Same view but C. T. Johnston Company gets the credit on the back, minor corner wear & not as fresh. $3.00 wl. Both for $6.50. wl

Washington_GraysHarbor_510Handling-200_small.JPG"510 HANDLING LUMBER WITH ELECTRICITY GRAYS HARBOR, WN." sepia-tone real photo post card mailed 1925 from Aberdeen. An interesting work scene: men have traveled on bicycles (parked nearby) to meet a truck, whose green lumber is hauled up by a specialized device to the top of a stack for drying. The bicycles & the photograph of the stacks bracing each other convey a good feel for the extent of such operations, which were to peak just a couple of years later. $40.00 wl

"7467.  Forestry Building, Portland, Ore." postcard mailed from Cortland Oregon OCT 3 1913 (heavy impression of SPOKANE & PORT. TR12 R.P.O. RMS hand cancel breaks the front paper) to Miss Frances H. Duley in Newark Ohio, small bottom corner crease, tiny bottom corner crease, a couple tiny spots of cancel ink in the front sky, back toning probably from album contact. Built for the Lewis & Clark Expo of 1905 it was known as the world's largest log cabin until it burned in 1964. $3.50 o(p)sl NEW / NOUVEAU / NEU

Logging_ReverseCurve-200_small.jpg lumber post cards available from Judnick.com
ALAMOGORDO & SACRAMENTO MOUNTAIN RAILROAD. "REVERSE CURVE HIGH BRIDGE / ALAMOGORDO TO CLOUDCROFT // GREETINGS FROM / ALAMOGORDO / NEW MEXICO" black & white postcard on brownish paper mailed OCT 26 1908 from Alamogordo (clear territorial cancel) to Mr. J. S. Short in Pulaski Tennessee by his sister Marie, minor corner rounding. This mountain logging railroad had a track length of about 32 miles. Images of it are hard to find. $20.00 n(a)r(a)lg-n

Vermont_Wilder_ALogDrive-100.JPG (289741 bytes)"A LOG DRIVE ON THE CONNECTICUT RIVER AT WIDER VT." unused white-border era color postcard. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 vl

"A MOUNTAIN OF WOOD, MILLION DOLLAR LOG PILE, BERLIN, N.H." including part of a crane, white-border era post card from Atkinson News, mailed 1924 at Shelburne, 2 small corner creases, light toning at one back corner, ink smear on back, internal crease. $3.25 nl


AdCard_WholesaleMillSupplies-200_small.jpg lumber trade cards available from Judnick.com

"An improvised sun-shade. / WHOLESALE MILL SUPPLIES / B. B.--Don't look on other side" with art depicting a man on a high-wheeler, brim of lady companion's hat doing double-duty; circa 1890 trade card with illustrated back continuing in black & white for the Lansing Mounted Picket Mill & Maud S. Double Acting Force pump. The company was located in Lansing Michigan. SALE IN PROGRESS lm(l)ab

Better_415small.jpg lumber post cards available from Judnick.com"A.-T. Saw Mill owned by J. E. Smith, Tiffin, Ohio." black & white postcard, odd back has rooster on a small shield over 'NO GRAIN FOR / THE ROOSTER', upper corner crease not into image, one bottom corner creased twice weakening it. Hard to find! SOLD RECENTLY o(t)lg

  Washington_Aberdeen_BirdsEye-200_small.JPG  "Bird's-Eye View of Aberdeen, Wash." including masted ships & the lumber yards they serviced,  unused color post card numbered 693, minor corner wear, lightly toned back. $9.50 wl

  test033_small.jpg lumber postcards available from Judnick.com  "Birling, the art of spinning / a floating log." well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1962 from Ilawco Washington, 2 corners creased (both hard to see from the front). $1.75 l

Better_249small.jpg logging postcards available from Judnick.com"BOGALUSA / MONORAIL CAR IN OPERATION, BOGALUSA, LOUISIANA" showing 2 operators transporting wood in a lumber yard, postcard with writing on back but decision made to enclose in a letter, so stamp removed causing multiple creases in that corner, light spotty toning on back. Seen as high as $14.99 elsewhere, but we need just $6.00 l(b)lu

MIXone_278_small.jpg logging post card available from LotsOfCards.com"Chaudiere Falls. / Ottawa" with a long bridge in the distance, signed Charles F. Flower art on an unused Tuck Oilette postcard 2242, very faint album impressions at the corners, good edges. Back comments that the falls powered many lumber mills, but that is no longer so. We are told that there is a movement afoot now to restore the falls to their prior natural splendor. SOLD RECENTLY otlwa

"Copyright 1906 by the Rotograph Co. / A 7534  Observation Train, Harbor Springs, Mich." unused postcard with undivided back, small spot of light toning on back, otherwise fairly fresh with good edges. This shows the narrow-gauge Harbor Springs Railway, sometimes called 'Hemlock Central'. Looks like a touristy kind of card, right? Well it did haul vacationers in the summer, as seen here, but it was actually a logging railroad throughout the year. Surprisingly hard to find! $12.50 m(h)lr(h) NEW / NOUVEAU / NEU

Arkansas_Fordyce_CrossetWatzekGates.jpg (295161 bytes)"CROSSETT WATZEK GATES INDUSTRIES / Modern Fan Circulating Dry Kilns, for Correct Seasoning of 'Womanized' Products / AMERICAN LUMBER & TREATING COMPANY PLANT -- FORDYCE, ARKANSAS" and the railroad siding there, color postcard mailed 1950 from Princeton Arkansas, trivial corner & edge wear, unusual subject matter. $7.50 ail*

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CUMMER LUMBER COMPANY. Black & white 4"x7" glossy photo of its steam locomotive #21 Brooks 2-6-0 and tender in July 1916. Ex Otter Creek & Southwestern #16; E SI&E #654; to SI&E #898; to King Lumber Company #4. Good focus & composition. $5.00 rl%

"Early-Day Logging in Montana, while not much kinder / to the environment than current methods, was at least / slower..." unused sepia-tone continental post card reproduction. $1.25 ml

Washington_Unspecified_FirLogs.jpg (188821 bytes)"Fir logs, ready for shipment from Forests / of Washington" loaded on railcars with several men nearby for scale, black & white postcard, brownish paper, published by The Puget Sound News Company, made in Germany, light album marks on back, lightly toned front, trivial edge wear. $9.00 wl

Quebec_Chicoutimi_Logging_small.jpg (3079 bytes)"Flottage Dubois Sur Le Saguenay, Chicoutimi, Que." black & white post card mailed there 1919, showing men with boats & small rafts working logs down the river, exceptionally interesting. 2 badly creased corners. $5.00 ql

Mississippi_Carriere_FromLacey-120.jpg (281183 bytes)"From LACEY LUMBER CO., / CARRIERE, MISS." unused sepia-tone Velox real photo postcard with the violet hand-stamp of the company providing the caption, good focus & interesting composition, minor corner rounding & small corner crease nowhere near the image. Shows a high stack of their freshly-milled ('green' is the trade term) and as-yet-unsalable yellow pine lumber, cleverly positioned in a cross-hatched arrangement so as to air it dry & still preserve the straightness of the cuts. The arrangement was a very labor-intensive process involving Negro workers, 2 of whom are shown--one at the top, the other on the stairs besides where he would hand up (or down) the boards. [The spacing between layers would be less in later times, and a modern mill would use a kiln to cut this several-month airing process into a matter of weeks.] By photographing the pile (and a bit of another pile to the right of it) and placing their name beneath the image, the company was trying to show the onlooker how they took pains to insure the dryness, straightness, strength & regularity of their milled stock. Lacey Lumber was one of the smallest mills to open in the county after the building of the New Orleans and Northeastern Railroad in the 1880's. Undoubtedly unique and, because the photo tells us so much, it is quite simply the best Mississippi post card we have ever seen in anyone's stock. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 277% of original area) & enhanced 120-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.75 mlb

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GEORGIA LUMBER & TURPENTINE COMPANY. Black & white 5"x7" glossy photo of its steam locomotive #24 Danforth-Cooke 4-4-0 & tender in September 1911. Ex SI&E #521. Matte finish, good focus & contrast. $3.00 rl

"GIANT FIR LOG. This 13,000 board feet specimen is / typical of the giants still found..." on a truck with 3 men standing nearby for scale; chrome post card mailed at North Bend in 1962, multiple tiny creases at one corner. $1.50 wl

Gulledge Lumber Company (Mendenhall Mississippi) Heisler 1915 steam locomotive, ex Canal Lumber Company #2, at Haines City Florida on January 23 1926. Copyrighted but hard to find 5"x7" black & white photo, high contrast obscures some detail. $5.00 rmfl%

  MexicoGeneral_HaulingLumber-200_small.jpg lumber postcard scan available from Judnick.com  "Hauling Lumber to Market / J. G. Hatton, Mexico.  3331" showing a man bearing a heavy load, couple tiny spots in the sky, mild corner & edge wear. Tarjeta postal sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 m(g)lp

         Alabama_RiverFalls_HSLC-200small.jpg Alabama photographs available from Judnick.com
Horse Shoe Lumber Company. "H. S. L. CO. / RIVER FALLS / ALA. / NO 2" signage presented on both of these uncaptioned & unused Cyko sepia-tone real photo postcards, showing the boilers, rolling stock (including 4 locomotives, shown right), cranes & workmen of the Horse Shoe Lumber Company sawmill. Unevenly divided backs & the stamp boxes suggest a 1907 - 1908 timeframe. These are both obviously one-of-a-kind: no printed caption, no photographer or publisher attributions. Despite the fact that this company operated one of the largest & most modern sawmills of longleaf pine at the time, with its own extensive logging rail system -- until its demise in the 1929 flood -- postcards showing it or its trains anywhere are excessively rare. We keep them together & hope they will eventually reside a museum, where they belong. SOLD RECENTLY. a(r)lr(h)

Illinois_Bloomington_IRKrum-120.JPG (256929 bytes)
"I. R. KRUM, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in / Lumber, Grain, Coal, Salt, Doors, Sash and Blinds /  Bloomington, Ill." 1874 advertising on government postal card, toning along right front edge & left back edge. $18.00 ialg

"K-319 / A NORTHWEST SAWMILL AND LOG POND / Photo by L. L. Perkins" unused chrome postcard from Smith-Western Inc., fairly fresh. $1.25 il

SouthDakota_Waubay_Lambert-200_small.JPG South Dakota postcard available from Judnick.com"Lampert Lumber Co. / Waubay S. D." showing 3 workmen pausing in the fall erection effort for a long 2-story wooden building, a grain elevator in the left background, a small building in between; sepia-tone real photo postcard mailed Jan 31 1911 by one of the people shown (S. I. Dilley, to another Dilley in Youngstown Ohio); good edges, slight oxidation. Caption is on the front lower left, readable upon magnification. Unique & as interesting as they get. $60.00 slpg(s)g(l)*


  Kentucky_LoggingIn_Sample_small.jpg (6665 bytes)  "Logging in Kentucky" showing many log rafts on a river, black & white post card with dark red caption, sample from The Art Manufacturing Company of Zanesville, Ohio, quoting rates. Very interesting; lightly toned back, trivial corner wear. $5.00 kls

  Oregon_ColumbiaRiver_LogRaft-200.jpg (1173245 bytes)   "Log Raft, ready for Ocean Towing, Columbia River, Oregon." unused sepia-tone postcard with white borders, toning & a couple of small surface abrasions on front, long corner crease through darker part of image, corner wear & rounding, back toned. As is. $2.50 ol

  Ohio_Lima_LincolnHighway-200_small.jpg lumbering post card available from Judnick.com  "LINCOLN HIGHWAY HISTORIC BYWAY / Lima Locomotive Works" with art depicting it as it appeared from above; unused continental postcard, near mint condition. Producers of the Shay geared logging steam locomotive. $1.00 o(l)l

T040_small.jpg logging postcards available from Judnick.com

"Log 'birling' in / the North-west / lumber camps." showing 2 men logrolling, well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1962 from Odessa Washington, slight curl to the paper, short internal crease that is hard to notice from the front. $2.00 l

GRAYS HARBOR (GRAYS HARBOR COUNTY). "Logging on Grays Harbor" with an interesting work scene showing a steam engine for pulling logs; black & white postcard with dark red caption & undivided back, made in Germany & published by W. B. Paine & Co., mailed at Aberdeen 1907 to Miss Bess Statler in Wilmington Ohio, 2 tiny bottom corner creases, small top corner crease hard to detect from the front. $10.00 lw(g)

"LOG RAFT ABOVE ST. PAUL" being pushed by a sternwheeler, unused sepia-tone postcard with undivided back, album toning front & back, good edges. $3.75 ls(r)m(s)

MEADOW RIVER LUMBER COMPANY. "ST 5 / STEAMTOWN U.S.A.  BELLOWS FALLS, VERMONT / ... This is a Shay type / logging engine built in 1910. A gear driven / design, it was operated by the Meadow River / Lumber Company in West Virginia." unused chrome postcard in excellent condition. More specifically, the company was located in Rainelle. $1.50 v(b)r(m)lw(r) NEW / NOUVEAU / NEU

MILLTOWN AIR LINE. Approximately 5"x8" black & white glossy photo showing its steam locomotive #155 with tender & passenger car, contrast is a little high, focus a little on the fuzzy side, but detail is there. This was a logging railroad in Georgia. In pre-aviation days, an "air line" mean very straight; we would use the term "bee line" today. $5.00 rgl

MONSON (PISCATAQUIS COUNTY). real photo lumber industry work scene with at least a dozen men, 3 huts / shacks, timber, two large cranes, by rail tracks, with two tracks of narrower gauge leading to them & a large house or office on the hill. Post card mailed there 1909 to Dover Maine. Slight rounding to lower right corner, a couple of paper bends connecting to the bottom edge, and very light toning near the edges on the back. SOLD RECENTLY ml

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"OCMULGEE RIVER LUMBER CO." 5x8 black & white glossy photo with a side view of the company's 4-4-0 steam locomotive & tender as it appeared March 29 1907 at Lumber City Georgia. Copyrighted reprint from the original negative, handwritten annotation on back with locomotive's history. $2.75 rgl^*%

"OLD LOCOMOTIVE, RELIC OF LOGGING DAYS, CLINCH PARK, TRAVERSE CITY, MICH.--26 / © ORSON W. PECK", unused linen postcard with fresh appearance. $3.00 ml

"On the Mississippi, Steamer Glenmont and / Bow Boat with Log Raft in Tow. La Crosse, Wis." color post card, circa 1915, unused, minor corner & edge wear, couple small scrapes on back. Ship was registered in 1885 to Van Sant & Musser Transportation Company. SALE IN PROGRESS s(v)lw

Washington_Aberdeen_Peeling-200_small.JPG lumber post card available from Judnick.com"Peeling Plywood  Aberdeen Wn" sepia-tone Azo (squares in corners) real photo postcard showing 2 women workers & a lathe which would peel wood from 16-foot fir logs; unused, low contrast but the depth-of-field yields detail, just a few tiny & unimportant surface pits on the front surface. Circa late 1920's. The Harbor Plywood Corporation, now long gone, in Washington State was known to have such equipment there. Rare. $50.00 wplii PRICE REDUCED RECENTLY

Maine_StocktonSprings_Pier-200_small.JPG Maine postcard available from Judnick.com

"PIER NORTHERN MAINE R. R. / STOCKTON SPRINGS" showing a lumbering scene in black & white, unused post card with undivided back, toning both sides, mild rounding of the corners. $9.00 m(s)rl

PINE MOUNTAIN GRANITE COMPANY. Black & white 4"x6" glossy photo of its steam locomotive #6 Baldwin 44502 2-6-0 at Lithonia Georgia in June 1936, good composition, image a bit too bright. Ex Cherry River Boom & Lumber #9; ex GC&L 697. $3.00 rgl. Same view in larger black & white 5"x8" glossy photo, but improved detail due to better contrast. $3.75 rgl

Czechoslovalkia_Melnik-100.jpg (299353 bytes)"Pozdrav z Melnícka" with a river scene including rafts carrying lumber, color postcard mailed there 1903 to Reichstadt (sending & receiving cancels mostly clear, 5-heller Austrian stamp is tied), brownish paper on back, wear at 3 corners not into image. $8.00 cl-c

"Rafting on the Mississippi, Passing thorough Pontoon Bridge, Marquette, Iowa  51099-N" with a sternwheeler pushing a raft of logs, postcard mailed MAY 1 1944 (clear MPLS. & ST. LOUIS N. D. TR.52 R.P.O. RMS hand cancel) to Andy R. Jeffers in Newark Ohio, toning in back message area, minor corner wear. $2.75 i(m)lb NEW / NOUVEAU / NEU

Railroad_RLDowling-200_small.jpg logging photograph available from Judnick.comR. L. DOWLING SHORTLINE. Black & white 3.5"x6.5" glossy photo of its steam locomotive #57 Grant 4-4-0 & tender at Live Oak Florida in 1905, good focus & contrast. Short, but serving sawmills it had much lumber-related traffic. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 rlfg

Wooden_Expo1904_Front.jpg (175511 bytes)

See also Wooden postcards. Shown here is a 1904 St. Louis World's Fair comic card on wood with many tree-related puns.

"Sentinel Timber Tractor No. 8777, / 'Old Bill' built 1933 /  Colour Photograph by Colin L. Caddy" unused continental post card, tiny corner bend. $1.00 l

AviationPropeller_SilverGrizzly_C-FICL-200_small.JPGSILVER GRIZZLY TIMBER COMPANY, LIMITED (Canada). Continental black-and-white photograph showing its DeHavilland Canada DHC-2 C-FICL docked, good composition & focus, contrast is low. The company operates in the northwest part of British Columbia. Rare. $5.00 alb

Railroad_SmithGarbuttLumber-144.JPG (442917 bytes)

SMITH GARBUTT LUMBER COMPANY. 5"x8" black & white photograph of its 4-4-0 Cooke steam locomotive & tender at Lyons Georgia in 1906, good focus & composition, contrast just a bit low. $5.00 rgl

SOUTHERN TIMBER COMPANY. Approximately 8"x5" glossy black & white photo of its steam locomotive at Allenhurst Georgia (where there was a lumber mill) in 1920, excellent contrast & focus. Numbering handwritten on back is confusing: the locomotive shows 1526 clearly but back also mentions #2. $5.00 rgl

"The best geared locomotive and cars.  Get catalogue and prices from the Climax / Manufacturing Company, Corry, Penna., U. S. A." showing one of its locomotives pulling a load of large logs, advertising postcard from the PCK Series, printed in Germany, mailed 1908 to B. Johnson & Son in Richmond Indiana. Back continues: 'Election is over. Let us all boost for business. When in need of Geared Locomotives and Logging Cars, get Catalogue and prices from us. We can make prompt shipment of any size.' Trivial corner wear. The company operated from 1888 - 1928, but it is surprising how little of their advertising postcards survive; this one is rare. SALE IN PROGRESS p(c)la

Lumber_TheEdwardsLCo-200_small.jpg calendars available from LotsOfCards.com

"The EDWARDS LUMBER CO. / ....HARDWOODS.... / CINCINNATI, OHIO  DAYTON, OHIO / U.S.A." top of a regular postcard-size 1906 advertising calendar (1905 copyright notice), holed to be hung as issued, blank back, not a trace of the calendar that was attached, excellent condition. When we searched the Internet we found nothing like it. $8.50 cloo


"This ship is trading between Finland and W. European harbours with forest products (mainly reels of paper). The 'Forte' is from the Ro-Ro type with a ramp after and a side door ..." continental color photo with a side view of the ship in ice, annotated in detail on its back & signed by its Captain, A. de Granf. Nice! $12.50 lfs(o)& NEW / NOUVEAU / NEU

Railroad_TitusvilleLumber-200_small.jpg logging photograph available from LotsOfPhotos.comTITUSVILLE LUMBER COMPANY. Black & white 4"x8" glossy photo of its steam locomotive #592 Baldwin 6260 2-6-0; ex WM 205; 3x SI&E 592. Exemplary composition & focus & contrast. Titusville is in Florida. Rare. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 rlf

Idaho_Potlatch_TrainOfLogs-200_small.JPG logging postcard available from LotsOfCards.com"Train of logs for the Potlatch Lumber Co., Potlatch, Idaho. / 105 cars, one mile length, 1,100,000 feet" unused color post card with light browning of the paper, circa 1908-1910, mild corner wear. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 il

Sweden_VermlandEdsvala-100.jpg (306954 bytes)

"Vermland. Edsvalla." showing a place where logs are processed, color post card from Axel Eliassons (No. 4166), unused, brownish paper on back, light toning near back corners, considerable corner & edge wear. $6.00 sl

"W7HKE" Roseburg Oregon QSL postcard mailed there JAN 13 1972 (clear cancel but no stamp, so violet POSTAGE DUE 8¢ handstamp at Trenton Ohio), logging truck design, trace of cancel ink on front . Sent by Reuben A. Stoltenberg. $2.00 ol-o

WALTERBORO LUMBER COMPANY. Approximately 5"x8" black & white glossy photo showing its #1 Glover 10148 steam locomotive with tender, high contrast but good detail, copyrighted. $5.00 The company operated in South Carolina. This engine was later sold to the Osceola Cypress Lumber Company in Florida. SALE IN PROGRESS rsl

Wanted to buy--Kentucky logging scenes on post cards. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

WARREN & SALINE RIVER RAILROAD. Approximately 5"x8" black & white glossy photo showing its steam locomotive #6 with tender, good focus & contrast. This short-line railway operated between Warren and Cloquet Arkansas, freighting lumber & forest products. $5.00 rla

AdCard_Washington_Map-100.jpg (293132 bytes)"WASHINGTON" with interesting map of the state & art depicting lumbering, corner wear & rounding, 1889 copyright (when its population was about 75,000). Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 (awlm)+%^

MIXone_111_small.jpg lumber post card available from Judnick.com"WE DESIGN AND BUILD SKIDDING AND LOADING MACHINERY TO MEET THE NEEDS / OF THE DIFFERENT WOODS OPERATIONS.  WRITE FOR CATALOGUE / RUSSEL WHEEL AND FOUNDRY CO., DETROIT,  MICH." with an embossed logging scene in sepia-tones, advertising postcard mailed 1907 to the Cornell-Yale Company at Holdrege Nebraska, a few tiny speckles of cancel ink in the front sky, trivial wear at one bottom corner. $18.00 lm(d)gani

Railroad_WilsonCypress-200_small.JPG lumbering photograph available from Judnick.comWILSON CYPRESS COMPANY. Black & white 3.5"x7" gloss photo of its steam locomotive #3 Baldwin 41130 2-6-2, good composition but image is too bright to capture all the detail, at Philadelphia 1914. The company operated a very large cypress sawmill at Palatka Florida from 1891 - 1944, and shipped its product widely. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 rlf

WILSON LUMBER COMPANY. Black & white 5"x6.5" glossy photograph of its steam locomotive #2 Baldwin 41927 2-6-2 & its tender, at Philadelphia in 1915, good focus, contrast a bit high. Our internet research indicates that this was another name for the Wilson Cypress Company of Palatka Florida, but there is another Wilson Lumber Company having more extensive operations. $5.00 rlf

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