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See also Connecticut postcards & QSL cards at this site.

"H. W. CLARK & CO., / WHOLESALE DEALERS IN / Fancy Goods, Notions, Buckskin Goods, / KNIT GOODS, UMBRELLAS, WHIPS, CUTLERY, ETC." advertising postal card (no watermark) from Hartford Connecticut to Chapinville (DPO 1828 - 1916), advising recipient that a salesman will call with samples, several creases mostly faint. Circa 1875 - 1880. $6.00 uk

October 21, 1887 KILLINGLY DPO backstamp clearly struck on #6 cover from Boston. $9.00

December 8, 1898 MIDDLETOWN cancel on 2-cent Washington postal stationery to West Virginia, backstamped, neatly opened, both sides heavily soiled but probably cleanable. $0.50

July 11, 1899 NEW HAVEN flag cancel (2 pts) on #6 cover to West Virginia, backstamped, tear to backflap when opened, some soil on back. $0.50

August 18, 1910 SOUTH NORWALK flag cancel (4 pts) on $6 cover to West Virginia, light backstamp, neatly opened. $1.00 cf

September 9, 1910 STAMFORD flag cancel (3 pts) on #6 cover to West Virginia, paper bend from bottom edge towards but not into stamp might yield to an iron, neatly opened. Corner card of Brady & Chadeayne, undertakers & dealers in furniture & carpets.$1.00 cf ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

OCT 21 1910 FORAN FURNITURE COMPANY / … / RALPH S. SMITH & SON / … / Carpets, Linoleums, Stoves, Bedding. / Funeral Directors and Undertakers / NEW LONDON - CONNECTICUT with black & white sketch of their building below their corner card, 2-c Washington tied by New London flag cancel, backstamped Parkersburg West Virginia flag, opened neatly. $9.00 ac

September 29, 1911 NEW HAVEN flag cancel (2 pts) on #6 cover to West Virginia, backstamped on arrival, neatly opened. $0.50

October 28, 1911 DERBY flag cancel (5 pts) on #6 postal stationery to West Virginia, backstamped, ragged edge from opening. $0.50 cf

November 1, 1911 STAMFORD / CONN. flag cancel (3 pts) on #6 cover to West Virginia, light backstamp, neatly opened. Corner card of Brady & Chadeayne, undertakers & dealers in furniture & carpets. $1.25 cf ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

March 19, 1912 PUTNAM flag cancel (8 pts) on #6 cover to West Virginia, toned both sides, slight reduction at opening. $0.75

January 8, 1916 NEW HAVEN cancel on #6 cover with large multicolor advertising seal of the H. M. Bullard Company on the back, lightly toned back. $5.00 (ca)*

July 11, 1917 BRIDGEPORT flag cancel (6 pts) on #6 cover to West Virginia. $1.00 cf

"A Fine Day at the Beach, Sound View, Conn. / 8254" white-border era post card mailed there AUG 25 1921 (discontinued post office), a little extraneous writing on back, large water stain at bottom edge not too apparent from the front, mild corner wear, a little cancel ink on front. $3.50 c-c

Clear DEC 17 1937 USS FALCON hand cancel with NEW LONDON / CT in killer bards ties 3-c Constitution stamp franking #6 cover to Illinois, neatly addressed, never sealed, slight cover glue show through on back. $3.25 n

Clear JAN 28 1938 USS FALCON hand cancel with NEW LONDON / CT. in killer bars ties 3-c Charlotte Amalie stamp franking brown #6 cover to Illinois, neatly addressed, never sealed. $3.50 ncb

USS LEARY at New London Conn. clear Aug 15 1938 cancel on 1-c Franklin & 2-c Washington franking #6 cover to Illinois, decorative border & generic cachet, slight browning of the paper with age. $3.75 nc%

October 31, 1938 HARTFORD metered 3-cent rate on #6 cover to California, lightly toned front, backflap tears. $0.50 c

July 28, 1939 BRIDGEPORT in killer bars of USS LEARY cover to Illinois, backstamped Bridgeport, some cancel ink through address area. $3.25 (cn)%

JUL 29 1939 clear USS SCHENCK at BRIDGEPORT / CONN. hand cancel ties 1-c George Washington & 2-c John Adams prexies franking #6 cover to Illinois, some envelope glue show-through both sides, neatly addressed, never sealed. $3.25 nc

USS TAUTOG. Clear JAN 27 1940 Groton Connecticut machine cancel on 3-c Sherman / Grant / Sheridan stamp franking cacheted launch cover to Illinois. Launching was at the Electric Boat Company there. $4.75 nc*

April 28, 1944 BRADLEY FIELD DPO cancel on #10 cover from American Red Cross there to Michigan, neatly opened. $2.50

August 4, 1944 BRADLEY FIELD (DPO) cancel on #10 cover from American Red Cross there to Michigan, neatly opened. $2.50 cr

August 14, 1944 NEW HAVEN 3 cancel on WAR DEPARTMENT FREE #10 cover mail from Major J. N. Seher at Yale University, neatly opened. $1.25 c-c ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

May 7, 1949 NEW HAVEN clear USCS Convention Station cancel on multicolor cacheted cover, neatly addressed. $1.50 c ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

"LA RÁBIDA (Huelva): Puerta al Claustro y Capillas laterales, en la Iglesia del Monasterio." real photo targeta postal with slight oxidation, very late usage at Wayside Kansas, JE 21 1958 auxiliary in black & 'MISSENT TO & FORWARDED / FROM NEW BRITAIN CONN.' in violet on back. $3.00 sc(f)-c

"Hotel Bancroft, Saginaw, Mich / Pt. Beatrice Leamion..." well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1960 at Birch Run, missent to Northfield Connecticut marked by 2 handstamps. $2.50 m-c

"HOTEL GREEN, DANBURY, CONN." showing its front with autos, hand-colored Collotype postcard with late usage Chestnut Hill SEP 29 1960 (DPO since 1966, clear & complete cancel), paper starting to brown evenly with age, long thin scrape to right front edge. $2.50 c(d)c-c

October 27, 1962 CORNWALL BRIDGE Warren Rural Station official opening cover, unaddressed, well-struck cancel ties Project Mercury stamp, never sealed. $2.00 c-c ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

Clear AUG 26 1968 Groton Ct. US SUBMARINE BASE CENTENNIAL cancel ties 6-c Ft. McHenry flag stamp franking #6 cover to a well-erased address, large violet ship cachet notes the USS Triton (SS N-586) was launched there 1968. $2.75 nc

October 5, 1969 WATERTOWN cancel on oversize QSL postcard sent at the 5-cenyt rate to Ohio. Good hobby-related art. $1.75

USS BERGALL (SSN-667) at Groton Connecticut Jan 8 1973, 8-c Tom Sawyer-mail early tab, magenta ship's handstamped cachet, faint "dauber" mark on stamp because machine cancel missed it. Collector's penciled request for a return address in the upper left front ignored; it could be erased. $2.00 nc

Wanted to buy--Rocky Hill-Glastonbury Connecticut ferry covers bearing local post stamps, circa 1973. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars. *c

June 2, 1974 NEW BRITAIN Connectiut Nebpex Station fancy "Charter Oak" cancel on neatly addressed #6 cover to Ohio. $1.00

October 20, 1974 NEW LONDON Thamespex Station walk in space cancel on #6 cover neatly addressed to Ohio. $1.25

Three cacheted AUG24 1974 covers  commemorating the American Bicentennial by marking the anniversary of the departure of the Connecticut delegation for the First Continental Congress. Top: Roger Sherman, New Haven. Center: Eliphalet Dyer, Windham (2 paper bends). Bottom: Silas Deane, Wethersfield. All unaddressed & never opened. All 3 for $2.00 total. cb


November 17, 1974 MANCHESTER Manphil fancy cancel on #6 cover neatly addressed to Ohio. (2 available) $1.00 each

February 16, 1975 CLINTON Clintpex Station cancel on unaddressed #6 cover with multicolor cachet commemorating 200 years of Patrick Henry's speech. (3 different cachets) All 3 for $3.50 cp

March 16, 1975 MIDDLETOWN Connecticut Midpex fancy motorcycle cancel on #6 tennis cover neatly addressed to Ohio. $1.25 (mc)%

April 20, 1975 MILFORD Milpex fancy cancel on neatly addressed #6 cover with multicolor Bicentennial cachet. $1.25

October 19, 1975 NEW LONDON Thamespex Station fancy nuclear submarine cancel on cover neatly addressed to Ohio, 10¢ Continental Navy stamp with margin is tied. $1.00 ca ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

October 16, 1977 WEST HARTFORD cancel on cover commemorating Noah Webster, 4-cent Webster commemorative attractively framed as cachet. $1.00

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April 19, 1978 NEW HAVEN cancel on #6 cover with multicolor cachet commemorating Roger Sherman, Connecticut signer of the Constitution. Attractive

October 7, 1978 STRATFORD cancel on #6 cover with multicolor cachet commemorating William Samuel Johnson, Connecticut signer of the Constitution. Attractive. $1.25 c

July 11, 1979 NORWALK cancel on #6 cover with multicolor Bicentennial cachet commemorating the burning of Norwalk by Clinton's raiding party. $1.25 (c)*

August 6, 1979 NORWICH cancel on #6 cover with multicolor cachet honoring Edith Roosevelt, first lady 1901-1909. Nice! $1.25 cw

September 6, 1981 NEW LONDON cancel on #6 cover with multicolored Bicentennial cachet on Arnold's New London raid, unaddressed. $1.25 cb

November 17, 1992 STAMFORD cancel & STMFD CT … #4 straight-line spray cancel on #10 cover to Ohio, neatly opened, multicolor Olympic Pen Pal Club emblem on backflap. $1.00

Undated CHESHIRE CT PERMIT No. 104 on #10 cover from Earthvision to Ohio, opened neatly. $0.50

Undated GREENWICH PERMIT No. 982 on unmailed subscription postcard to Inland Sea, art showing diver with treasure chest. $1.00

Undated NORWALK PERMIT NO. 743 on unmailed cover to Easton Press. $0.50

Undated "RESERVATION APPLICATION / KEWPIE® / PORCELAIN COLLECTOR DOLL" unused business reply card separated from a magazine, an offer under Permit No. 456 of Norwalk Connecticut by the Danbury Mint. $1.00 k-c

Undated NORWICH PERMIT No. 1111 on windowed #10 cover with attractive TWA 2-color corner card. $0.50

Undated OLD GREENWICH PERMIT No. 46 on pricelist mailed to Ohio. $0.50

Undated WATERBURY meter with slogan "Bristol's / Automatic Control & Recording Instruments" on #10 windowed cover sent at 1-cent rate, neatly opened. $2.00

Wanted to buy--Guilford postal history, and ship covers to or from New London. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c


"MAIL TRAVEL GUIDE / UPDATED AGENT AND RPO ROUTES LISTED BY STATE AND RAILROAD / WITH ROUTE NUMBERS, DIRECTIONS AND MAPS" by John L. Kay & Fred MacDonald, with data compiled by Charles L. Towle. 50 pages, 3-hole punched with covers. Thorough coverage of Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas & Connecticut: routes, name changes, types of cancels... Magnificent & useful. Condition is very fresh. $25.00 rc

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RAROTONGA, COOK ISLANDS TO BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 1945 One & three shilling stamps have all perfs and are tied. The more valuable (overprinted, Gibbons 117) stamp has near-perfect centering. Opened neatly at the top. The back is plain. $72.50 postpaid & insured to a US address. c*


"CANCELLATIONS OF THE COOK ISLANDS AND NIUE" by A. R. Burge FRPSNZ, published by the Pacific Islands Study Circle of Great Britain in 1971, plastic comb binding, 44 pages plus illustrations & covers. Island-by-island summary includes Aitutaki & Penrhyn. Cover has unimportant edge faults. SOLD canpp


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Astronomy stamps & Astronomy postcards.

04.12.74 clear red BUCURESTI ROMPRESFILATELIA 8.45-lei meter franks #7 cover airmailed to Michigan, multicolor cachet for first day of their Copernicus issue, registration markings ignored in the US, neatly opened, neat typed address, light wrinkling in upper left front corner. $1.50 cr

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WestVirginia_GreenBank_Astronomy_small.jpg (3441 bytes)

See also Astronomy postcards. Shown is the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.

See also Astronomy stamps.

Cover_Astronomy_RussiaToNewellAtNASA-100.jpg (454848 bytes)

See also Astronomy covers. Shown is a cover from a Russian astronomical observatory to NASA.

Space_ArtistConcept_Map.jpg (203843 bytes) NASA facilities map postcard

See also Space post cards, postal cards & QSL cards. Shown is an artist's concept of the future NASA John F. Kennedy Space Center.

See also Space topical covers.

See also Space topical stamps.



COSTA-RICA / Costarica / Kostarika / Kosta Rika /
Kostarikë / LA REPUBLICA DE COSTA RICA / Կոստա - Ռիկա /
哥斯达黎加 / Κόστα Ρίκα / कोस्टा रिका / 코스타리카 / Коста Рика

See also Costa Rican post cards.

DIC 2 1931 postcard from Alajuela to Illinois with clear violet SAN JOSE double-ring & TRANSITO markings. The Alahuela cancel is partial but ties the 5-centimos building stamp. Postcard has sold, but it is still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50

1 / 11 / 83 OFFICIAL AIRMAIL #10 cover to Maryland, forwarded to Ohio, neatly opened. $1.00

1 / 26 / 83 OFFICIAL AIRMAIL #10 cover to Maryland, forwarded to Ohio. $1.00

1 / 28 / 83 OFFICIAL AIRMAIL #10 cover to Maryland, forwarded to Ohio, neatly opened. $1.00

1 / 4 / 83 OFFICIAL AIRMAIL #10 cover to Maryland, forwarded to Ohio. $1.00

10 / 23 / 88 REGISTERED AIRMAIL #10 cover, San José to Ohio, franked by 5-colones philatelic exposition & two 15-colones editorial & 20-Cts. Segurios stamps, 3 clear backstamps, neatly opened. $2.50

10 / 14 / 91 AIRMAIL #6 cover, Guayabo de Mora to Ohio, franked with 18-Colones 1990 University of Costa Rica stamp. Backflap torn & mended with Scotch tape. $0.75

11 / 3 / 75 FIRST DAY COVER cacheted & unaddressed, bearing 3 different Christmas stamps, fresh appearance. $1.50

1976 BOLETIN FILATELICO No. 45 announcing the February 1976 issue for 20-30 Clubs. Bilingual. $1.00

11 November 1976 Costa Rica Boletin Filatelico No. 51 announcing the 3 airmail stamp-on-stamps & souvenir sheet issued for the VIIth National Philatelic Exhibition. Interesting details such as quantities issued. $1.00 sc

1978 OFFICIAL #10 cover to Michigan, neatly opened. $1.00

1978 OFFICIAL AIRMAIL #10 cover to Michigan, neatly opened. $1.00

1979 BOLETIN FILATELICO No. 82 announcing the February 1979 issue of stamped covers for use within the country. Bilingual. $1.00

1982 OFFICIAL AIRMAIL #10 cover to Maryland, neatly opened. (8 available) $1.00 each Crinkled backflap. $0.75

2 / 12 / 71 REGISTERED AIRMAIL Cartago to Florida, franked by four 50-cts Scout & one 5-cts. Christmas stamp, back bearing 2-color illustrations of bank offices in Florida, backstamped clearly, creased twice (once heavily). $1.00

2 / 9 / 37 POSTCARD from San José to Michigan, illustration showing Volcan Irazu in eruption, 5-centimos UPU stamp tied by clear cancel, back showing equipment of the radio station T1PG, extensive wrinkling. $1.75

3 / 10 / 80 FIRST DAY COVER #6 cover with cachet honoring XIV SIMPOSIO INTERNACIONAL DE / PERCEPCION REMOTA DEL AMBIENTE appropriately franked with C2.10 & C5.00 remote sensing stamps, unaddressed, fresh appearance. $2.00

3 / 4 / 48 AIRMAIL #6 cover, Cartago to Michigan, franked by 35-centimos national theater stamp, large violet cachet on back promoting visits to there because of its excellent climate, neatly opened. $2.00 ct&

3 / 7 / 71 PORTE PAGADO #12 cover with Scouting design on both sides, 2 25-cts. Garcia painting & one 80-cts. Quiros painting & one damaged stamps added to make up the foreign postage, couple small tears, backflap has small crease. $2.50

3 / 9 / 61 REGISTERED AIRMAIL #6 cover, San José to Massachusetts, franked by 5-c. centenary stamp & 50-centimos confituras stamp & 40-centimos Nolina stamps, 4 backstamps, faint vertical crease affects only 1 backstamp. $2.50

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4 / 29 / 86 OFFICIAL AIRMAIL #10 cover, San José to Ohio, forwarded there, franked by two 0.50-colones Mora & 10-colones 1986 reunion stamp, opened neatly. $1.50

4 / 9 / 71 REGISTERED AIRMAIL Cartago to Florida, franked by four 50-cts & one 5-cts. crest stamp, back bearing 2-color illustrations of bank offices in Florida, backstamped clearly, crease both ways although hard to notice. $1.00

5 / 13 / 86 AIRMAIL #10 cover from San José to Ohio, forwarded there with sticker covering part of the stamps, franked by 3-colones centenary & a strip of four (one damaged, seals back) 0.50-colones Mora & another stamp that is hard to identify, opened neatly. $1.00

5 / 22 / 68 San José QSL postcard to Ohio, franked by C0.50 Scout stamp, cancel indistinct. $1.00

5 / 29 / 42 CENSORED MAIL TO San José from California, EXAMINED BY 1489 tape, Paraffine Companies logo in green as corner card & on backflap. $2.00

7 / 21 / 87 ADVERTISING AIRMAIL #10 cover from San José to Ohio, bearing five illustrations of equipment made by Victory Maguinaria S. A., franked with 5-colones peace & 11-colones Mexican soccer stamps, neatly opened. Nice! $2.00

7 / 8 / 86 AIRMAIL #6 cover, Limón (well struck in violet) to Ohio, franked with 8-colones 1982 stamp. $1.00

8 / 26 / 86 REGISTERED OFFICIAL #6 cover from San José to Ohio, franked by 20-colones exposition, 10-colones orange-brown portrait & 3-colones Christmas stamps, clear backstamp & notification record. $2.50

9 / 7 / 82 OFFICIAL AIRMAIL #10 cover to Maryland, backstamped Fort Lauderdale on indicated date, crinkled right edge affects markings. $1.00


January 1967 American Philatelist: Costa Rica's 1928 Lindbergh Issue; North China--The Hsin Min Prints; Canada--The Jacques Cartier Stamps; & much more. $3.75 the complete issue. acccl

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See also Costume postcards & Fashion post cards.

1952 PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 30 OC 52 FDC for 3-1 / 2-d Chimbu headdress stamp, typed address to Townesville resident ties map / palm tree / semi-nude cachet, yellowish paper. $2.75 pc

1974 FINLAND. Airmail cover to the United States bearing a pair of 0.60 costume stamps, neatly canceled & tied by Helsinki Filateli circular date stamp, opened neatly. $1.50

1975 SAINT VINCENT. Unaddressed cacheted official FDC with 6 stamps issued 7 FE 75 showing the costumes of Carnival revelers, fresh appearance. $3.00

1976 SINGAPORE. Official multicolor multilingual announcement for their bridal costumes issue. $1.00

1977 LIECHTENSTEIN. Cacheted unaddressed official FDC 8 Sept. 1977 for 3 costume stamps, fresh appearance. $2.75

1979 ROMANIA. Unaddressed cacheted official FDC with 2 national costume stamps issued 27-X-1979. (2 available) $0.50 each

1979 SWEDEN. Unaddressed official FDC 15.11.1979 for 6 stamps--4 of which show costumes & 2 costume jewelry--complete with informative insert in 4 languages, fresh appearance. $2.00

2-5-1981 Belgium FDC for its 2-stamp Europa issue depicting costumes, attractive multicolor Fleetwood cachet, unaddressed, with explanatory stiffener. $4.00 ebc

22.-5.81 AUSTRIA FDC for S6 Europa, multicolor Fleetwood cachet featuring Tyrolian costumes, unaddressed, pertinent information on back. $1.50

1981-08-28 FDC with 4 different Xhosa head-dress costume stamps neatly cancelled at Idutywa Transkei, multicolor cachet, unaddressed. $1.50 tc

Cover_Lithuania_1993-10-30FDCCostumers.jpg (116907 bytes)

1993 10 30 cacheted Lithuanian FDC for 3-stamp Dzükija (Zukai) costumes issue, unaddressed, attractive. $3.00 lc

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Utah, Vanuatu, Vatican City & Venda
Venezuela, Vermont, Victoria, Viet Nam,
Virginia, Virgin Islands, Vojvodina,
Volcanoes, Wake Island & Wales
Wallis-et-Futuna, Washington (George),
Washington State, Waterfalls,
Western Australia & Western Samoa
West Germany, West Virginia, Windmills,
Wisconsin, Women & Württemberg
Wyoming, Yemen, Zaire, Zambia, Zanzibar,
Zanzibar and Tanzania & Zeppelins

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