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On this page: Afghanistan  Austria  Baden  Bavaria  Belgium 
Bhutan  Bohemia 
Braunschweig  Bulgaria  Cambodia 
Denmark  France  Germany & Great Britain.
H to Z countries are on a separate page; please click here to visit.



The approximate dimensions of the "oversize" postcards
listed below is 5-inches by 7-inches.
See Afghanistan postcards & photographs.

"Afghanistan, faith and beauty of King Habibullah / Kalakani's betrothal (1929), Ms. Zahra" showing her seated leaning on pillows, black & white image within a green border, 2002 copyright, unused oversize post card in excellent condition, exceptionally attractive. $2.25 ar

'"Afghanistan, King Amanullah / born 1892, ruled 1919-29" a portrait of him standing in military uniform, black on chalk-blue background within blue green border, 2002 copyright, unused oversize post card in excellent condition. $2.00 ar

"Afghanistan, King Habibullah Kalakani / (1890 - 29) ruled for 9 months," showing him standing, black image on cream background with beige borders, unused oversize postcard, 2001 copyright, excellent condition. Hard to find! $3.50 ar. Same but tiny corner bump. $3.25 ar

"Afghanistan, King Habibullah's most / Powerful wife Amanullah's Mother / Photo Dupree Collection, 1907" black & white image in horizontal format, 2000 copyright, unused oversize postcard, tiny corner bump. $1.75 ar#

"Afghanistan, King Shir Ali Khan with colleagues / (1836-79)" showing his portrait in black against a chalk-blue background within a blue-green border, unused oversize post card, excellent condition. No colleagues are shown, however! $2.00 ar. Same but tiny corner bump. $1.75 ar

"Afghanistan, King Zahir Shah with Pakistan / Leaders, 1958" black & white image in horizontal format within yellow border, 2002 copyright, unused oversize post card in near mint condition. $2.50 ahpr#

Afghanistan_DostMuhammad-200_small.JPG royalty postcard available from Judnick.com

"Dost Muhammad Afghan King" art showing him seated with another smaller person, oversize postcard (about 5"x7") with a small corner crease. $1.50 ar

"Greetings from Afghanistan" showing King M Zahir and grandson Mustafa Zahir, from a photo by Edwar Grazda in 2001, 2002 copyright. Trivial edge wear. $1.50 ar

"Greetings from Afghanistan" showing King M Zahir, who ruled from 1933-1973; black & white with green border, 2002 copyright, tiny corner bend. $1.50 ahr

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(Sub-National state within Ghana)

"Greetings From / Asante Kingdom" with 4 views of their Ghanaian religious leader & King Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, their flag in the center, continental post card, excellent condition, published by Majesty Production. Shown. $2.00 gfr. Different multiview with same caption & 7 scenes surrounding it, same publisher. $2.00 gfr. Both for $3.75 gfr NEW / NUEVO / NEU

"OTUMFUO OSEI TUTU II / ASANTEHENE" showing The 16th Occupant of the Golden Stool; unused post card from Majesty Cards Productions (ref. 084), slightly larger than continental size, excellent condition. $2.00 gr

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See also Austria post cards & photos (extensive!),
Austrian postal history & Austrian gymnastics photos.

RoyaltyAustrian_1898Color.jpg (193494 bytes)"50-jähriges / Regierungs-Jubiläum / s.m.Kaiser Franz Josef I." color on unused undivided back, celebrating his 50th year on the throne in 1898. Corners rounded (one chipped), two small areas of light toning in message area. $7.00 ra

"8238 / KAISERIN ELISABETH VON OESTERREICH" 3 / 4-length view as a young woman, a little pencil writing on back. $10.00

"Das Kaiserpaar mit dem / Kronprinzen und den Firstlich- / heiten im Trauerzuge" showing Emperor Karl & Zita of Austria at the funeral of Franz Josef (1916 in Vienna) with Otto walking between them, as seen from a high vantage point. Austrian 3-heller stamp clearly cancelled at Wien, but not actually used; a few tiny spots of toning on back. $10.00 r

"Erzherzog Franz Ferdinand / von Osterreich d'Est mit Faimilie / ...1913" sepia-tone from Postkartenverlag Brüer Konn, fresh appearance. $12.50 r

"Erzherzog Josef im Kreise seiner Familie" showing 8 people, black & white on undivided back with brownish paper, mailed in Austria (5-heller stamp), many small spots of toning on the back, much writing on front, corner crease, corner wear & rounding. $8.50 r


"FRANZ JOSEPH I / AUSTRIA-HUNGARY" with his portrait beneath his coat of arms, and above facts about the constitutional monarchy; unused post card with 1909 copyright, very light toning on front, faint corner crease more detectable from the back. $6.50 r(a)ha*

RoyaltyAustrian_BeneschArt_1908.jpg (184570 bytes)
"Gruss vom Kaiser-Jubiläums-Huldigungs-Festzug, Wien 1908" color, signed art by C. Benesch, mailed 1908 with Austrian stamp to Abbazia (now in Italy), trivial wear at two corners. This parade celebrated  the Kaiser's 60th year on the throne. $8.00 ra(w)

"Kaiser Franz Josef / phot. / Pietzner." close-up including several medals, unused black & white, small piece of one corner chipped away, otherwise sound edges. $5.00 r

"Kaiserin Zita Királyné" unused real photo from Magyar Rotophot Táranság, good edges, light toning at one front corner. She was Empress of Austria & Queen of Hungary. $10.50 rrha ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

"Kaiser-Jubiläum …rigs-Festzug Wien, 12. Juni 1908" showing the Kaiser (in the lower left corner) reviewing a parade, sepia-tone real photo mailed in Austria. $12.50 r(a)pa ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

"O. Brüch pinx. / 1914 / ..." back continues in part "Dem k.u.k. Kriegsfürsorgeamt gewindmet / ..." artist-signed color portrait of Franz Josef, unused, faint album marks on front. $11.00 ra


"Salzburg, Kaiserin / Elisabeth - Denkmal" showing a beautiful sculpture of her standing, unused postcard in vertical format. $4.50 r(a)sa

"Unseres Kaisers Jugendjahre 1844 / fec. Charles Scolik sen." black & white showing Franz Josef of Austria at 14 years of age, numbered 940-11 on back, unused, lightly toned front, unusual subject matter. $8.00 r

"VELAZQUEZ. Infanta Doña Maria Teresa de Austria 1,192. M. de Prado." sepia-tone phototype from J. Boig, very late usage in the United States, internal crease. $1.25

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See also Baden photos & postcards.

"Abreise S. Kgl. Hoheit des Grossherzogs FRIEDRICH II. von BADEN" showing the Grand Duke Frederick II leaving the Grand Hotel in Metz France, black & white, unused, fresh appearance. $9.50 r(b)f(m)b ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

Baden_GrossherzogFriedrich_Jubilee_small.jpg (2857 bytes)

"...Grossherzog Friedrich von Baden / (50 Jähriges Regierungs-Jubiläum." missing parens in caption, showing him standing in a uniform with several medals, black & white, mailed 1902 at Karlsruhe (clear cancels), small corner crease. $9.00 (br)

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See also Bavarian postcards & photographs (extensive!)
and Bavaria postal history.

Bavaria_DasHerzogspaarVon-120.jpg (215077 bytes)"Das Herzogspaar von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha" with a Franz Langhammer photo of the royal couple (a Duke & Dutchess), unused sepia-tone post card with NPG number 5050, back paper browning evenly with age. $12.50 br(b)

Bavaria_AlbrechtBayern-120.jpg (300375 bytes)

"S. K. H. Erbprinz Albrecht v. Bayern" side view of the Prince Albrecht of Bavaria mounted on a horse, unused sepia-tone real photo postcard, Percy Hein number 138, excellent condition. $15.00 bhr

Bavaria_Unser_WWI.jpg (132005 bytes)"Unser König beim 2. Korps. / Februar 1915" showing the King inspecting his troops during World War I, unused, yellowish paper, minor wear at one corner. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 brw

König mit seinen beiden Söhnen beim 1. Korps. / Januar 1916." unused Postkarte from F. Bruckmann, tiny bottom corner bend, otherwise fairly fresh. $10.00 r(b)bm(b)

Bavaria_VierGenerationen-120.jpg (423967 bytes)

"Vier Generationen im / Bayerischen Herrscherhause" showing the prince regent, his son, grandson & great grandson with their swords. The eldest 3 are in military uniform; the youngest, in fencing attire. Small spot of toning on front not near the people. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 277% of original area) & enhanced 120-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.75 br

Wanted to buy--other postcards showing Bavarian royalty, especially King Ludwig II. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

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See also Belgian post cards & real photos,
Belgium gymnastics photos & Belgian covers.

RoyaltyBelgian_HRHTheDukeOfBrabant.jpg (117485 bytes)

"BEAGLES / POSTCARDS. // H. R. H. THE DUKE OF BRABANT.  155.N. / ELDEST SON OF THE KING OF BELGIUM" and then heir to the throne, later became Leopold III; circa-1930 real photo postcard with good focus & contrast, unused. $7.00 rb(b)


"Funérailles du roi Léopold II, 22 décembre 1909. Arrivée du char funèbre place Ste G?dule" unused sepia-tone carte postale, good edges, but the printing of one letter in the caption is light. $8.50 r(b)h(b)

"Leopold II. // Auctionator / Rex!" with the images of the Belgian king including 3 women (2 nude) worked into his temple, scalp & chin; unused GG post card with slight oxidation, fairly evenly toned back & good edges. $15.00 mr

"LE ROI PROTÈGE SON ARMÉE" hand-colored  / tinted sepia-tone real photo with flags, mailed 1917 but stamp removed. heavily toned back, much corner & edge wear, one corner multiply creased (just nicking 2 of the 10 images of him). $4.75 r

"San A. R. Le PRINCE LÉOPOLD / Héritier du Trone de Belgique" full-length portrait real photo in which he wears a cape and holds a large hat, dated January 1913 on back, a little pencil writing on back, oxidation near the front edges. $12.00 r(b)b ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

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See also Bhutanese postcards & Bhutan postal history.

T016_small.jpg royalty postcards available from Judnick.com

"Royal couple of Bhutan / on their wedding day." well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1962 from Esbon Kansas, slight curl to the paper, minor wear at 2 corners. SOLD br

Wanted to buy--royalty postcards from Bhutan, so that we may restock. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros!

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See also Bohemia postcards & photos.

"Charles of Luxemburg, King of Bohemia, on a hunt" (our translation of title), art in color, very late usage at Funkstown Maryland, toned back, 1" tear affects trees, much corner & edge wear, as is. $1.25 br

"Karel IV. v kapli na Karlově  Týně" showing Charles IV, King of Bohemia kneeling in prayer at a chapel; F. J. Jedlicka art on a postcard with very late usage at Valparaiso Nebraska, noticeable corner & edge wear. $3.50 abr

"Slavný vjezd Karla IV. do Rima r. 1355" art in color showing the crowning of the King of Bohemia in 1355. This king was the founder of the University of Prague, corner & edge wear, toned back, one corner multiply creased, 2 edge dings, very late usage at Fair Play Maryland. $1.50 brh

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See also Brunswick post cards & photos.

"Herzog und Herzogin zu Braunschweig und Lüneburg mit den beiden Prinzen." sepia-tone showing their family (2 infants) from a photo by Dora Tarnke, mailed 1915 in Germany, trace of cancel ink on front not in portrait area. $10.00

Royalty_Braunschweig_small.jpg (4188 bytes)

"Prinz Ernst August / Herzog zu Braunschweig" unused real photo post card, much oxidation, unused. $8.00 br

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See also Bulgaria postcards & photographs,
Bulgarian covers, & Bulgaria gymnastics photos.

"FERDINAND / BULGARIA / GOVERNMENT -- PRINCIPALITY" black & white portrait beneath the flag & above some facts about the country in a color border, copyright 1909 F. H. ALT, numbered 665 on back, unused, corner & edge wear. $6.00 ^

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.


See also Cambodia post cards & photos.

BURMA. "Burmese Prince and Princess" post card mailed from Rangoon to New South Wales Australia (where it was forwarded), stamp removed by a certifiable idiot who thinned the back & removed the date details, conspicuous corner & edge wear. From Miss E. Scott in the A. B. (American Baptist) Mission at Meiktila, proposing an exchange. $4.75 br NEW / NUEVO / NEU

Cambodia_LesSouverainsDu.jpg (171160 bytes)CAMBODIA. "LES SOUVERAINS DU CAMBODGE (DANS LA SALLE DU TRÓNE)" real photo showing the royal couple in the throne room, unused, captioned in Cambodian on the back, fairly fresh. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 cr

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See also Danish postcards & Denmark postal history.


9 Mai 2001 3,25 Greenland Queen definitive issue on continental size maximum card. $2.50 gr-gr

Royalty_Denmark_EbnerLaHaye-200_small.jpg Danish royalty post cards available from Judnick.com

"EBNER La Haye" sepia-tone real photo briefkaart with undivided back, mailed at the imprimée rate to Bruges, Uitg. Blankwaardt en Schoonhoven, 's Hage en W de Haan, Utrecht, back lightly toned, minor corner wear. $12.00 rd

Royalty_Danish_Album1b-200_small.jpg Denmark royalty albums available from Judnick.com
Royalty_Danish_Album1a-200_small.jpg Danish royalty album available from Judnick.com
Royalty_Danish_Album3-200_small.jpg Denmark royalty available from Judnick.com
Royalty_Danish_5thRow-200_small.jpg royalty postcards available from Judnick.com
Five red leatherette albums with a wonderful collection of 180 different postcards
from a variety of photographers & publishers depicting the modern Danish royal family. Most are continental size, the others are regular size, almost all with good edges. A few have been annotated helpfully in English, others have numbers pencilled in on the back, some backs with small spots of album paste residue. A good variety of treatments -- portraiture, state functions, candids, family groups, etc. -- is present. Row 1 left: H. M. Koningin Beatrix en Z. K. H. Prins Claus met hun 3 zonen: Prins Willem Alexander, Prins Johan Friso, Prins Constantijn, circa 1982. Row 1 right: Koningennedag 1981 with annotation explaining the change of date to honor Mother Queen Juliana. Row 2 left: Balcony appearance on Koningennedag 30 April 1984. Row 2 right: amusement park ride also 30 April 1984. Row 3 left & right: Z. K. H. Prins Willem-Alexander. Row 4 left: Koningin Beatrix at her desk. Row 4 right: Koningin Beatrix en Prins Claus. Row 5 left & right: Paleis Soestdijk, 30 April 1987. The material for meaningful gifts within the right family. It would be very time-consuming to assemble a comparable group in this pleasing a condition today & simply impossible to duplicate at our price: $150.00. dr

Royalty_Denmark_Uncaptioned-200_small.jpg royalty photo available from LotsOfPhotos.com

Uncaptioned real photograph of some Danish royals, the size of a regular postcard, showing Danish royalty, unannotated & unattributed. $5.00 rd

Royalty_Denmark_Ziegler ARPS-200_small.jpg Denmark royalty postcard available from LotsOfPhotos.com"Ziegler A. R. P. S. / den Haag  / Die Kon. Familie" showing four members of the Danish royal family, circa 1930 unused briefkaart, Uitgave v. Blankwaardt & Schoonhoven Rijswijk (Z.-H.), real photo in sepia tones with exemplary focus & contrast, light album paste residue on the back obscures nothing, minor wear at one upper corner. $14.50 rd

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See also French postal history & France gymnastics photographs.


"20. Testament écrit par Louis XVI dan la Tour du Temple - 25 Décembre 1792" unused black & white carte postale, back captioning in English has several errors, good edges. $2.50 r(f)hc

Napoleon_VersaillesGerard-200_small.jpg French royalty postcards available from Judnick.com

"312".  F GÉRARD.  Napoléon I, Empereur. / Emperor Napoleon the first. / Kaiser Napoleon der Erste" showing the painting in the Musée de Versailles, printed in Paris, unused, linen finish paper, excellent condtion. $3.00 nmra. NB: Because we have so many, there is a special webpage at our site for Napoleon postcards; please click here to visit it.


"99. - Collect. A. BENOIT JEANNETTE (Martinique) / Fort-de-France (Martinique) / Statue de l'Impératrice Joséphine sur la Savane" black & white postcard, circa 1915, unused. $3.25 msr

Biographical_DukeOfReichstadt-200_small.jpg French royalty postcards available from Judnick.com

"DUKE OF REICHSTADT / Napolean II, François Charles Joseph, son of Napoleon I ..." black & white post card, 101 ND, unused, biography in English, rough artistic edges as issued. $2.25 brn

Martinique_Fort-de-FranceStatue-200_small.jpg Martinique postcard available from LotsOfCards.com

"FORT-de-FRANCE. - Statue de Joséphine / 38. - Coll. Art. Camille le Camus" sepia-tone carte postale with sky tint, legible & lengthy message in French on back dates to 1931, corners have tiny chips & rounding, paper starting to show its age. $3.00 msr*

"La dernière lettre de Marie-Antoinette, ecrite par la Reine a sa soeur / à la Conciergerie et tachée de ses larmes…" black & white showing a handwritten letter stained by her tears, also captioned in English, unused, published by M. Le Deley in Paris. $1.00 rc%

Tinted076_small.jpg royalty post card available from LotsOfCards.com

"MUSÉE DE VERSAILLES / 1519  LEBRUN (Élisabeth-Louise VIGÉE, Mme) (1755-1842) / MARIE-ANTOINETTE cueillant une Rose" showing the Queen of France gathering a flower; hand-colored version from detail of a very famous portrait, unused carte postale, a liitle toning along the top back edge is from the printing process itself. $2.50 f(v)mr

"...No. 2018. A. DÜRER: Karl der Grosse -- Charlemagne / (Nürnberg, Germanisches Museum)." sepia-tone postcard, unused. $1.50 rma(d) ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

BIographical_PhilippeDOrleans-200_small.jpg France royalty postcard available from Judnick.com

"PHILIPPE D'ORLÉANS / Born 1674. Son of Philippe d'Orlens, brother of Louis XIV ..." with a biography below his image, black & white postcard, 30 (ND), unused, in English, rough artistic edges as issued. $2.00 br(f)

Napoleon_NFromA-200_small.jpg Napoleon post card scan available from LotsOfPhotos.com

See also our extensive selection of Napoleon post cards. Shown here is a seldom-seen portrait by Lassalle.

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

Gray borders shown below emphasize
that each card has a rough-cut edge as issued.
Much data is printed below each portrait.
Ideal for the history instructor or student.

Royalty_Blanche_of_Castille_small.jpg (2992 bytes)

Blanche of Castille with a biography below her image. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 rb

Royalty_Henry_I_small.jpg (2828 bytes)

Henry I (1005 - 1060) with a biography below his image. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 rb

Royalty_JeanneOfBoulogne.jpg (139023 bytes)

Jeanne of Boulogne (married Jean le Bon). Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50

  Royalty_Louis_VII_small.jpg (3708 bytes)  Louis VII Le Jeune (1120 - 1180) with a biography below his image. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 rb

  Royalty_Louis_XVIII_small.JPG (3264 bytes)  Louis XVIII (1755 -1824) with a biography below his image. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 rb

  Royalty_RobertIILePieux.jpg (168759 bytes)  Robert II Le Pieux (died 1031) with a biography below his image. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 rb

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.


See also Germany postal history & German gymnastics photos.

Royalty_German_AusFriedlichenTagen-200_small.JPG"Aus friedlichen Tagen.  Unser Kronprinz als Gast bei dem Generaloberst v. Kluck" showing Crown Prince William with General Colonel Alexander von Kluck, unused real photo postcard with matte finish, fairly fresh with good edges. Among other things, the general commanded the 1st Army in the First Battle of the Marne in 1914 after his blunder -- a deviation from plan -- prevented the Germans from encircling Paris. $15.00 rgwh

"Besuch des deutschen Kaisers in der Schweiz / September 1912, Villa Rietberg (Wesendonk)" with an inset showing the Kaiser, black & white on yellowish paper, mailed Zurich to Paris 1912, extraneous writing on back, tape remnant on back, mild corner wear & rounding. $7.00 sw

  Germany_KaiserWilhelmII_Royalty_small.jpg (3530 bytes)  "B.N.K.1903. Ges. gesch. 2119" sepia-tone real photo showing Kaiser Wilhelm II in full military uniform, undivided back, unused, small spot of light toning at top back edge. $10.00 gr

Royalty_Wilhelm__Hunting_Horse_small.jpg (2118 bytes)Crown Prince Wilhelm, the German Kaiser's son, and his hunting horse. Mailed from Halle to London England in 1911, with stamp affixed to the front, as was permitted at the time. Stamp is well centered and "tied" to the card by a bold cancel. Couple of tiny nicks at the corners, but otherwise attractive on both sides. $6.00

Netherlands_RoyaltyGerman_WilliamIIFamily_small.jpg (3012 bytes) Dutch post card"Das kaiserliche Familie in Doorn." Showing the family of Kaiser William II of Germany at their retreat in the Netherlands, where they stayed from 1919 until his death in 1941, sepia-tone post card, faint corner crease. $11.00 rnf

Zeppelin_img050_small.jpg royalty post card available from Judnick.com"Der Kaiser begrüsst den Grafen Zeppelin / nach der Landung." showing the Kaiser greeting Count Zeppelin after a landing of his airship; unused sepia-tone real photo Postkarte in excellent condition. Conveys the excitement that airships raised at the time, as few other postcards do. $30.00 zgr

Royalty_German_DerKaiserMit-120.JPG (276686 bytes)

"Der Kaiser mit seinen sechs Söhnen / am 7 Neujahrstage 1912" all in uniform standing side-by-side, unused real photo post card, unattributed, fairly fresh with good edges. $10.00 rg

NorthRHineWestphalia_GrussAusCoblenz-200_small.JPG from Judnick.com"Gruss aus Coblenz / Denkmal Wilhelm I am deutschen Eck b / Coblenz." and the royal couple in an embossed silhouette & wreath, Postkarte with undivided back, very late usage at Tom Bean Texas, a few speckles of toning on front, small corner crease & rounded corners, still very attractive. Coblenz, now spelled Koblenz, is in North Rhine Westphalia. $12.00 ngsr

Royalty_German_OberburgermeisterKirschner-200_small.JPG"Oberbürgermeister / Kirschner mit den / Ehrenjungfrauen" unused real photo Postkarte with crisp focus & good contrast, approximately 1/3" tear in bottom border closes well. The reception for German Crown Prince Wilhelm and his bride of 2 weeks in Potsdam, 20 June 1905. Mayor Kirschner is here shown with the maids of honor. $8.50 rg(k)e


"Prinzessin August Wilhelm mit dem Prinzen / Alexander Ferdinand" sepia-tone postcard with their portrait within an oval, a lot of album paste on back (but removed successfully without stress marks). $10.00 r(g)g

Cover_Portugal_1908ToPrincess-200_small.JPG from Judnick.com"Real Castello da Pena -- Cintra" black & white bilhete postale mailed 12-2-08 at Lisboa Central to Princesse Dietrichstein in Vienna Austria. Message is in French. The German nobility (but not German citizens) that were expelled from Czechoslovakia after World War I included the family of this Princess. $15.00 pcr-p

"Unser Kaiser / Ø2570O / Original-Aufn." sepia-tone real photo postcard with good focus & composition, showing him mounted on horseback in military uniform, unused, good edges. $11.00 r

"Unsere Königin bei einem / Schwerverwundeten / October 1915" caption in Germanic script, sepia-tone post card showing the Queen's visit to a hospital in Pfalz to visit wounded soldiers, unused. $12.50

Wanted to buy--postcards showing the Hessian royal family, especially Princess Alice. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

Germany_WilhelmI_1886CabinetCard_small.jpg (3161 bytes)

"Wilhelm I., deutscher Kaiser. / 1001." sepia-tone carte-de-visite with printed caption, writing on back dates to October 1886, browning paper, corner wear & rounding. Cabinet card sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50


"WILLIAM II / GERMANY / ..." black & white circular portrait below the German flag & above facts about their constitutional monarchy, 1909 copyright, unused postcard.
Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 rg

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Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

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"1,000 STAMPS / only / $2.95 / GUARANTEED / ..." unused business reply card showing 2 different royal couples on the front in color, and Charles & Di on the back in black & white. $1.00 real photo

"14 / H.M. KING GEORGE VI.  H.M. QUEEN ELIZABETH. / H.R.H. PRINCESS ELIZABETH.  H.R.H. PRINCESS MARGARET ROSE" walking, as seen from the side; sepia-tone real photo photo post card with good focus & contrast, back marred by writing in stamp box & large paper adhesion & some toning, front surface indentations as can be noted in just the right light. $4.00 r


"7111 F  FOUR GENERATIONS.  ROTARY PHOTO E.C." with King George V & his family in front of portraits of Edward VII & Queen Victoria, sepia-tone real photo in vertical format, clumsy stamp removal attempt, 2 small corner creases both thankfully miss the image, light toning in the front borders. $12.00 r(g)f

"9482 0  CORONATION PROCESSION, 1911  ROTARY PHOTO, E.C. / THE NEW ADMIRALTY ARCH" unused real photo postcard , spots of toning on back, just a little toning in the front bottom border. $4.50 ghr

"9482 H CORONATION PROCESSION, 1911. ROTARY PHOTO, E.C. / THEIR MAJESTIES PASSING THROUGH THE NEW ADMIRALTY ARCHES." sepia-tone real photo showing their coach from above, mailed from Scotland to the United States 1911, nicely composed, good contrast. $12.50 e


"Anna Bollein Queen. / HANS HOLBEIN jr. (Windsor) / A2828)" sepia-tone on yellowish paper, unused, faint album impressions at the corners. $1.75 ar

Artist_Bebb.jpg (196020 bytes)

"'Dancing Marston' / THE HOUSE IN WHICH / King Charles II was hidden" signed art in color, unused, minor wear to corners. The king referred to ruled England from 1630-1685. Marston Moor is near York England. $3.00 aer%

England_Wentworth_RoyalVisit.jpg (108679 bytes)"F. P. 1 Royal Visit, Wentworth, July 1912" unused real photo, 2 corner creases. Some men are approaching the King (near the flagpole), tipping their hats, while many well-dressed people stand around an open area to watch. $12.00 er

"GIBRALTAR PHILATELIC BUREAU / DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES / 1 July 1961 - 31 August 1997" postcard advertising the issuance of a semi-postal miniature sheet & other news for collectors, meter mailed 24 MCH 1998 to Ohio, light toning on front. $1.00 gr-g

Errors_027_small.jpg royalty post card available from Judnick.com

"HANS HOLBEIN jr.  (Windsor) / Edward Prince of Wales (Edward VI) / A 2831" sepia-tone postcard on yellowish paper, unused, faint album marks at the corners. The caption at the top is EDWARD PRINCE OF WALES cut off in error at the printers (the card is full size); its full inclusion would also have been an error -- of redundancy! $2.50 a(h)re

"HER LATE MAJESTY, QUEEN VICTORIA" hand-colored / tinted real photo with paste & glitter added, Bamforth & Co. published, unused, slight browning of the paper with age, minor edge wear. $12.50 rg

"HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH II / and HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS THE PRINCE PHILLIP, Duke of EDINBURGH / Queen by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom..." also giving her titles in French, unused chrome from Colourpicture of Canada, internal crease. $1.00 r

"Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, England" chrome postcard, British photography, printed in Italy, mailed 1971 to Wisconsin, a little corner & edge wear. $1.50 r(g)g ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

"HIS MAJESTY / KING EDWARD VII / IN ROYAL STUART TARTAN" unused post card from the Star Series (G. D. & D., London), printed in Bavaria, lightly toned back, minor wear at the bottom corners. We have seen another example mailed in 1909. $9.00 trg

"HIS MAJESTY KING GEORGE VI / Reproduced with the gracious permission of His Majesty..." showing a formal portrait in uniform attributed to the photographer Peter North, published by Finlay Colour, printed in England, unused, minor wear at 3 corners. $3.50 rgp

"HM KING EDWARD VII / D.146" bas relief with much oxidation, Alliance Series 115 real photo postcard, browning of the paper with age, unused, album adherence along most of one back edge. Shown. $10.00 rg. Same, but hand-colored, paste jewels added, no adherence. $15.00 rg NEW / NUEVO / NEU

"H. M. King George V handling the colours to the Staffordshire Regiment" postcard written Oct 29 1912 at Gibraltar franked with a 10-centimes French stamp from France (cancel hard to get details) to Mr. Joseph Stoll in Upland Pennsylvania. Because the caption is so vague, we fill in the historical details. This scene is the South Staffordshire Regiment or South Staffords, whose new colors were presented by King George V on 31 January 1912 after their move to Gibraltar. Hard to find! Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. rm(b)g

"H.M. QUEEN ALEXANDRA" hand-colored / tinted bas relief real photo post card with glitter & paste beads added extensively, Alliance Series 115, unused, back paper browning with age, good edges. $12.50 r!

"H.M. The Queen at Trooping The Colour / Ceremony, LONDON / Colour Transparency by W. W. Roberts" chrome mailed to Ohio in 1968. The Queen is sidesaddle on a horse, as seen from the side, faint corner crease, trivial corner wear. $2.00 r

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"HRH PRINCE OF WALES" hand-colored  / tinted bas relief real photo with paste jewels added to his uniform, Alliance Series 115, unused, brownish paper, tiny corner crease. $11.00

H. R. H. Princess Elizabeth (About 6).jpg (234079 bytes)

"H. R. H. PRINCESS ELIZABETH" about 6 years old, in a fancy frilly dress; unused sepia-tone of British manufacture, unspecified publisher, edges are good, just a hint of toning on the back from album contact. $7.00 ru

"H. R. H. PRINCESS MARY, VISCOUNTESS LASCELLES" & Countess of Harewood, only daughter of King George V & Queen Mary; 1926 real photo postcard credited to Speaight Ltd., published by J. Beagles & Co. Ltd., 2 faint tiny corner bends. This photo--not the postcard--is the one appearing in the current Wikipedia article about her. But just try to find it on postcard! $12.50 r(g)e(h)

"H.R.H. Princess Mary with My Lord Mayor / at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Dec 4th, 1919" a venerable pub on Fleet Street in London, unused sepia-tone postcard on brownish paper, published by Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, toned back with album adherence, considerable corner wear & rounding (one chipped away). $4.75 r(g)e(l)

"H. R. H. THE PRINCE OF WALES. / 21." smiling & in uniform, unused real photo post card, tiny spot of toning in upper right front border, otherwise excellent condition. $5.00 r(g)g

Royalty_GreatBritain_LabourExchange.jpg (114457 bytes)
"H.R.H. THE PRINCESS ELIZABETH REGISTERS AT A LABOUR EXCHANGE" unused real photo from Tuck, no postcard number or series number on back, 3 faint and tiny corner crease, good composition & focus, unusual subject matter. $15.00 rg

"H.R.H. THE DUKE OF GLOUCESTER" astride a horse, sepia-tone real photo, Tuck postcard No. 3949, writing on back. $13.00 rht ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

"IMAGE FILE" Volume 18 Number 2, containing an article on the bullfights in La Macarena Mexico, The Royal Wedding in the UK, and "Gender Roles & Visual Media". $2.25 the complete issue pbrs

England_Kenilworth_small.jpg (2270 bytes)

"Kenilworth / QUEEN ELIZABETH" unused Valentine Artotype with good color, a little wear at corners. Of course the kneeling gentleman represents Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. $4.00 er*+

"King Alfred's Statue, Winchester" postcard of British manufacture, very late usage at Winchester Illinois, trivial bottom corner wear. $2.00 e(w)r(g)

MIXone_199_small.jpg royalty post card available from LotsOfCards.com"KING GEORGE VI AND QUEEN ELIZABETH AND THEIR R.C.M.P. PERSONAL BODYGUARD ON ROYAL TOUR" show standing side-by-side, emphasizing the stature of the guards--each of the 4 lawmen at least a full head higher than the king. Circa 1941 postcard, very faint corner crease is small. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 lcr

"König Edward VII .v. England in Wien" unused real photo showing him in a horse-drawn carriage on a visit to Vienna, numbered 62796 on back, unused, scalloped edges as issued. SRK3 writing on front under image, trivial edge wear. $12.50 rah ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

"LADY ALICE MONTAGUE-DOUGLAS-SCOTT" real photo from Beagles Postcards, printed in England, much writing on back, one corner badly creased (not affecting portrait). $5.50 r(g)g ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

"PHOTO / DOROTHY WILDING / OLD BORD ST. / W. I. //  H.R.H. PRINCE GEORGE" real photo with writing on back, Tuck postcard No. 3945, fresh appearance. $9.00 rtp

"'QUEEN ELIZABETH I' / Painted in 1592 by Zuccaro, the famous portrait is / on display at the Elizabethan Garden…" chrome, writing on back dates to 1974, a little corner & edge wear. $1.50 r(b)ga(z)

"Queen Elizabeth on state / visit to Nigeria." well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1962 at Lehr North Dakota. $2.00 nr

"SOUVENIR FROM / BRISTOL // A Royal Visit / Thursday   July 9th  1908" real photo multiview with Edward VII & Queen Victoria. Six scenes surround them--including St. Augustine's bridge, University College & the Clifton suspension bridge. From the Rotary Photographic Series, TCV from England to Pennsylvania, brownish paper. $9.00 r

"Souvenir of 1936 the Year of the three Kings" with George V, George VI & Edward VIII (left-to-right), Valentine real photo postcard, heavy bottom corner crease, long internal crease from the top edge, tape stain along back bottom edge, minor corner wear. $5.00 r(g)gh

images/England_LongWalk_Statue-200_small.jpg royalty post card available from LotsOfCards.com

"STATUE OF GEORGE III., LONG WALK, WINDSOR" depicting him on horseback, vertical format; sepia-tone postcard from a booklet with very late usage at New Windsor Illinois, one corner with both a small crease & a small bend. $3.00 sre

Trevor08_small.jpg British royalty post cards available from Judnick.com

"Suva, capitol of Fiji / Islands ready to welcome its Queen" well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard, mailed 1962 at Durham Kansas, minor wear to the bottom corners not into the image. $2.00 fr(b)

"THEIR MAJESTIES SILVER JUBILEE 1910-1935, / ROYAL PROCESSION ENTERING THE STRAND" for George V & Queen Mary, unused sepia-tone real photo postcard from the Excel Series printed in Great Britain, excellent condition. $4.50 r(g)gh ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

"THEIR MAJESTIES SILVER JUBILEE 1910-1935 / INSIDE ST. PAUL'S CATHEDRAL." unused sepia-tone real photo post card, glossy finish, British production, lightly toned back. $4.25 r(g)i

"The King driving down Castle Hill, Windsor" in a horse-drawn carriage with the street lined with spectators, unused color postcard from Valentine's Series, short internal crease at the top edge. $5.00 r(g)e(w)&. Same but considerable corner wear & rounding. $3.00 r(g)e(w)

ShipsMilitary_TheMightyArmada-200_small.JPG British royalty post card available from Judnick.com"THE MIGHTY ARMADA AT SPITHEAD / FOR THE CORONATION REVIEW. // S. CRIBB / 54" showing most of the 165 military ships assembled to honor George V, unused sepia-tone real-photo postcard, minor toning to the back, light album impressions at the corners, slight oxidation, minor corner wear. $7.00 s(m)e(s)r

Medical_TheOrigin_small.jpg (3624 bytes)"THE ORIGIN / OF BATH / Bladud, the son / of a British King…" with art illustration pertaining to leprosy, postcard with unusual subject matter, faint album marks on back, fairly fresh. That probably mythical king of the Britons was said to have contracted leprosy while being educated at Athens. He escaped imprisonment back home (for his condition) and discovered that pigs having mud baths did not suffer from skin diseases. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 [e(b)mr]^

Wanted to buy--Tuck's "The Kings and Queens of England" set. Please offer it to us, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

"Warwick Pageant _ Princess Margaret of Gloucester and Her Pages" unused real photo postcard numbered 36, low contrast, much oxidation, light album marks at front corners. This is the Princess Margaret of Connaught (1882 -1920), granddaughter of Queen Victoria. $11.00 e(w)r(g)

"Whom GOD Preserve // H. M. KING GEORGE V.  H. M. QUEEN MARY // Issued by J. S. Fry & Sons Ltd., BRISTOL & LONDON // Chocolate & Cocoa Manufacturers / to Their Majesties" with an interesting & detailed history of the firm (dating back to 1729) in the back message area. $12.50 r(g)g ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

"William III. and Mary II. Westminster Abbey" sepia-tone post card of British manufacture, trivial corner rounding, toning near the back edges. King reigned 1688 - 1702; wife 1688 - 1694. $1.50 r(g)

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